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  • Playbook: Go-to-Market Strategies for Mobile Gaming Studios

    The mobile game industry is currently worth $68.5B, and many of the largest gaming companies are investing heavily in the space. Many of these larger companies have entire teams dedicated to managing and optimizing their mobile offerings, but smaller developers often do not have the same resources and institutional knowledge. What lessons can mobile game developers learn from AAA game studios to be more effective?

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  • Deepfakes: Detection and Prevention in the Era of “Fake News”

    What are deepfakes? What can companies and their leadership teams do to prepare themselves for a future where deepfake technology is so accessible and easy-to-use that bad actors can create convincing videos in a matter of hours?

  • The Future of China, Technology, and Innovation

    China’s influence acceleration of technology and innovation growth has fueled massive gains in GDP and economic power. But in a rapidly changing world amid a global pandemic, what does the future hold for China in terms of technology and innovation?

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The Glassmeyer/McNamee Center for Digital Strategies focuses on the enabling role of digital technologies in business strategy and innovation. Our mission is to advance the theory and practice of management in a digital, networked economy and to link practitioners and scholars in ways that build economic value.

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We fulfill our mission by concentrating on the three following areas:

Scholarly Research

Connecting practice with scholarship anchored on IT enabled business strategy and processes.

Executive Dialogue

Convening roundtables focused on the role of the CIO to enable business strategy.

MBA Enrichment

Bringing digital strategies to students through informative forums, exposure to executives, experiential learning, classes and case development.

Our People: A Diverse Group of Amazing Thinkers