New Academic Year = New Creative

Posted by Kelli C. Pippin on September 16, 2013 | Comment (4)

New Academic Year = New Creative Photo

It's the time of the academic year when students return to campus and our event machine starts firing on all cylinders as we deep-dive into a specific technology once again. I couldn't be happier as this year each of those cylinders are now digital.

Our subject of interest for the Britt Technology Impact Series couldn't be more timely, as everywhere I turn, I am slammed with the tagline: "The Internet of Things" or IoT for short. IoT essentially means how everything is being created with Wi-Fi and internet capabilities embedded into them. When I say everything, I mean it. It seems the following is now a reality:

  • I can measure my poodle's activity with an on-collar monitor while I'm at the office and he is home alone.
  • I can turn the thermostat in my office down to 60 degrees and save energy while I'm at home or anywhere I happen to be just by using my mobile phone.
  • On the road, I can be warned of accidents well ahead of my vision, reduce my car's carbon footprint and keep an eye on the ever-important speed limit even if I'm not near a speed limit sign.
  • At work, the promise of IoT is that I will be able to save time and get more out of my day, but I may actually have to work harder to do so. (And I welcome that too.)

Here at Tuck, our take on IoT is "The Internet of You (IoY): Better Living Through Connectivity.

Determining our collateral design to support this series was a real adventure. We knew this was the yeato really take the tech aspect up to the next level. But how do you do that and keep it personal too? We've looked at big data, cloud, social, mobile and video technologies in the past. These formidable subjects could seemingly have overshadowed whatever we went with this year. But armed with Shutterfly images, links, tech visions and a great graphic design team, we came up with these five concepts originally:

After progressing through a few rounds of creative, we landed on the first female and our final version is below. The design features the first event of the series which is happening next week. With equal parts Aeon Flux, Terminator's polyalloy liquid metal and Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games - I feel like we put an unforgettable face on IoY. Don't you agree?

IOY: The Internet of You

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  • .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Sep 18, 2013

    I really like the collateral you put together. Is the actual event recorded on video and available anywhere?

    I came across your blog doing research on technology trends, I look forward to reading more


  • .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Sep 19, 2013

    Hello Jon, thanks for the feedback on the collateral. Yes, video highlights of the event will be posted on this page and our YouTube channel after the event. It will also be available as a podcast on our iTunes channel and here on this site under “RadioTuck.” We will most likely have a news brief write-up of the learnings from the talk and also a video interview with Mr. Mines and an MBA Fellow. So please check back or follow us in our online communities to be informed.

  • .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Sep 19, 2013

    Well, yes technology seems to take a lot of importance in our lives, making them easier and simpler, and also helps us to get information and   connect with the people around us.

  • .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Sep 29, 2013

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