Freshman Seminar on Media

Posted by Prof M. Eric Johnson on November 30, 2011 | Comment (2)

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Today I taught in Mark Williams’ FS 007 freshman seminar on media.  While Wilson Hall is only a couple blocks from Tuck, it sometimes feels like worlds away.  I don’t get to spend much time with Dartmouth undergrads, let alone freshmen.  What an impressive group!  We discussed my recent Groupon case.  The students nailed it, with lots of energy and insight.  Pretty awesome for the last day of the term!  I guess it should be no surprise that Gen Y students would get social marketing. 

It has been a wild year for Groupon in the run up to the IPO.  In three weeks of trading, it has seesawed from the introductory price of $20.  In just the last 10 days, it raced above $26 and bottomed out around $15.  Today it ended trading at $17.50.  It will be interesting to see if Groupon can execute against the vast opportunity of social media.

Wilson Hall

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