Spring has arrived for our MBA Fellows Program!

Posted by Kelli C. Pippin on April 10, 2014 | Comment (1)

Spring has arrived for our MBA Fellows Program! Photo

Spring has arrived and that means many things including melting snow, warmer weather and daffodils finally starting to grow. For our MBA fellows, it means the 2014s will soon be presenting their final projects. Highlights from last year's presentations are below.

It also means we must begin the selection process for our 2015 MBA Fellows. This is a time consuming but vital process that never fails to impress me every year. Going through 18 amazing resumes and cover letters is challenging, especially when we strive to accept 6-8 Tuckies into the program. The center draws upon select colleagues across Tuck to assist in the interviewing process as we travel through rounds of reading, interviewing and decision making. In order to make the program as valuable as possible, we really must keep the yearly fellows network small, even though we'd really like to accept them all.

But what always astounds me is the depth and breadth of talent and experience these applicants already have before coming to Tuck. In reading through their thoughts and resumes, I am invigorated for them all and excited for how their futures will unfold. I feel honored to share a part of their Tuck experience and hope when the selected fellows do leave us, they'll remember to stay connected with the center for the rest of their lives. We love to witness their journey.

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