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Our long-form publications, papers, research and articles are available on this site and also on the free iPad app. The Britt Technology Impact Series (BTIS), is supported by an app for android and for iOS to explore visitor bios, find upcoming events and research the visiting companies. In 2012 and again in 2013, we published our BTIS overviews in the form of iBooks. We invite you to please explore all our mobile assets and communities below.

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App on Android and iOS with event info, executive bios & company data
Android BTIS   Google Play    Britt Technology Impact Series Apple App     

Content App iPad App. Explore esearch, roundtable overviews and executive interviews.

Ahead In The Cloud: The Impact Of On Demand Software, Storage And Services IBOOK iBook. Ahead in the Cloud: The Impact of On Demand Software, Storage and Services.

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Mobile App

Hear more about the BTIS app and how we launched it at Tuck.

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Apple TV, iPad Mirroring and more at the CDS.

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