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Letter from the Directors


Dear Stakeholder,

The 2007/8 academic year was our busiest and most exciting in the Centers history. From the launch of the European chapter of our Roundtable to hosting a major security research conference, this will certainly be a year we remember. In this report, we outline our key achievements within all three of our mission areas: Scholarly Research, Executive Dialog, and MBA Program Enrichment.

Our security research agenda accelerated throughout the year, with significant impactboth within academia and the general public. The year began with a bang when Eric was invited to testify before Congress about our research on inadvertent disclosure and information leakage. Fueled by funding awards of over $1.5M, we added two new postdoc positions focused on additional security projects. That work was informed by our fall CISO workshop and through important corporate partnerships. The year ended in June with the Center hosting over 100 researchers from around the world for the Workshop on the Economics of Information Security.

Our progress in developing our programs for executives was no less impressive. While good momentum in the U.S. chapter of our Roundtable on Digital Strategies, we launched a new European chapter with an initial fall meeting in Zurich and then a spring roundtable in London hosted by BT. Pairing roundtables on M&A in San Jose and London, gave us new insight into executive thinking on the two continents. The initial enthusiasm was universal and the quality of founding firms like BMW, Nestl, Novartis, and BT, give us a h3 foundation to build on in 2008/09. Besides the growth in our roundtables, we also launched a new initiative in executive education. In collaboration with Tuck Exec Ed, we hosted 32 executives from 22 companies for our initial offering of Business Essentials for the Security Professional.

Internally, with the help of our MBA Fellows and with funding from IBM, we expanded our Tech@Tuck event to include a series of speakers throughout the year. As part of our Web 2.0 focus, we examined how new web technologies are changing innovation, customer collaboration, and recruiting. In collaboration with Tucks Career Development Center we sponsored a student competition on "The Future of Recruiting," that paired Thayer and Tuck students to develop Web 2.0 solutions to corporate recruiting challenges.

With all of these events, we enjoyed some of the broadest and most extensive media coverage in our history in high impact venues like ABC News, CIO Magazine, New York Times, PBS Newshour with Jim Lehrer, Wall Street Journal, and U.S. News & World Report.

To learn more, we invite you to read our Annual Report below to get all the details on events, people, and publications.



M. Eric Johnson            Hans Brechbühl
Director                          Executive Director 








Corporate Roundtables

This year, the center organized four corporate roundtables for the Thought Leadership Roundtable on Digital Strategies (TLRDS) series. Each TLRDS roundtable consisted of 15-20 CIOs and functional VPs from Fortune 500 companies and 2-3 senior academics engaged in a day-long moderated roundtable discussion. Together they shared perspectives on a specific business issue, wrestled with concerns common across sectors, and worked to identify digital strategies that create and sustain competitive advantage. Event summaries and/or content overviews (and much more) are available for each roundtable at the links below:


Using and Stewarding Customer Data, October 4, 2007, Hanover, NH
M&A and Divestitures: Integration and Disintegration: U.S. Chapter Discussion February 5, 2008, San Jose, CA
M&A and Divestitures: Integration and Disintegration: European Chapter Discussion April 4, 2008 London, UK
Global Talent and the Next Generation Workforce June 17, 2008, Cleveland, OH


Tech@Tuck is a center-sponsored series of annual events for the Tuck and greater Dartmouth community that highlight digital technologies and their personal or business implications. This series features panels comprised of executives debating topics of interest to students and faculty, as well as hands-on demonstrations of the latest associated gadgets and devices. Web 2.0 January 16, 2008 Tech@Tuck.

Tech@Tuck Speaker Series
The Speaker Series invites leading experts to present updates on new technologies, innovations and trends. It is sponsored by IBM. In addition to sponsoring these events, IBM also sponsored a student competition on "The Future of Recruiting," open to graduate students from the Tuck School, the Thayer School, and Dartmouth's CS department. Judges: IBM, LinkedIn, Electric Sheep Company, and Bullhorn.  The following events were sponsored:

Web 2.0 and Innovation: IBM
October 9, 2007, Hanover, NH

Web 2.0 and Discovery and Sharing: Joost
December 3, 2007, Hanover, NH

Web 2.0 and Customer Collaboration and Marketing: Pepsi
March 26, 2008, Hanover, NH

Web 2.0 and Career Management: LinkedIn
April 10, 2008, Hanover, NH

Beyond Web 2.0: Borealis Ventures, Highland Capital Partners, Spark Capital
April 23, 2008, Hanover, NH

Academic Seminars and Conferences

The center promotes research and discussion related to technological innovation and organizational learning. This year, the center brought in two additional speaker to the Technology, Innovation, and Learning (TIL) seminar series. This series brings together faculty and visiting academics whose expertise cross multiple areas—economics, operations, strategy, engineering, marketing, and organizations. The Center also hosted the seventh Workshop on the Economics of Information Security (WEIS), which brought together information technology academics and practitioners with social scientists and business and legal scholars to better understand security and privacy threats.

Global Competitors as Next-Door Neighbors September 27, 2007, Hanover, NH
Privacy Protection and Technology Diffusion: The Case of Electronic Medical Records May 22, 2008, Hanover, NH
WEIS: Workshop on the Economics of Information Security June 25, 2008, Hanover, NH


Program Grants

Over the course of the last year, the center received and/or did work on the funding for the following programs:

"Business Education for the Security Professional: Building the Security to Business Bridge." Department of Homeland Security, $120,825.

"Tech@Tuck: Managing Consumer Data" Dartmouth Centers Forum, $6,500.



Academic Publications

The center and its affiliated faculty and fellows have made a material contribution to the publication of the following academic papers or publications this year:

Johnson, M. Eric and Scott Dynes. "Economic Costs of Firm-Level Information Infrastructure Failures." International Journal of Logistics Management. 2007.

Johnson,M. Eric. Ubiquitous Communication, Logistics Engineering Handbook.(2007)

Johnson, M. Eric, Dan McGuire, and Nicholas Willey. "Evolution of the Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Industry and the Security Risks for Users," Proceedings of the 41st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences - 2008.

Dynes, Scott, Eric Goetz, and Michael Freeman. Cyber Security: Are Economic Incentives Adequate? Critical Infrastructure Protection 2007.




Executive Publications

The center and its faculty and fellows wrote or edited the following articles published for the executive audience in the past year:


Web 2.0 and the Corporation. Thought Leadership Roundtable Publication. July 2007.

Johnson, M. Eric. "Delight or Despair." MIT Sloan Management Review. July 2007. Jett, Quintus, David Pyke, and M. Eric Johnson.

"Mastering the Supply Chain." Minority Business Entrepreneur. September/October 2007.

Using and Stewarding Customer Data." Thought Leadership Roundtable Publication. November 2007.

"Security through Information Risk Management." A Workshop for Information Security Executives. December 2007.

Jett, Quintus, David Pyke, and M. Eric Johnson. "Competitive Strategy." Minority Business Entrepreneur. January/February 2008.

"M&A and Divestitures: Integration and Disintegration (U.S. Chapter Discussion)." Thought Leadership Roundtable Publication. February 2008.

"M&A and Divestitures: Integration and Disintegration (European Chapter Discussion)." Thought Leadership Roundtable Publication. May 2008.



The center has developed the following cases for the Vincent L. LaCorte Case Series:

"Nolej Studio" by Ashley Martin T'08 and Alva Taylor, 2008.
"Making Information Risk Mitigation Decisions" by Hans Brechbühl, Stephen Powell and Chris Dunning, 2008.

This year, center case studies were once again widely adopted by some of the top business schools, including University of Alabama, Boston University, Carnegie-Mellon, University of Colorado, Columbia, Duke, Emory, University of Florida, Georgia Tech, Hofstra, Indiana University, Louisiana State, University of Maryland, University of Michigan, University of North Carolina, Notre Dame, NYU, University of Pennsylvania, Penn State, Pepperdine, Purdue, Rensselaer Polytechnic, University of Rochester, Stockholm School of Economics, University of Texas, Tulane, Vanderbilt, University of Virginia, Wake Forest, Washington University at St. Louis, and Yale.


Research Fellows Program

The center welcomes the opportunity to work with researchers from an industry, consulting, or appropriate government setting on areas of mutual interest. Quintus Jett was appointed as a senior research fellow and project manager at the center this year. Quintus is leading research projects on how digital technologies offer new ways of designing organizations and making decisions. Among the center's other research fellows this year were: Scott Dynes (information security and security investments); Xia Zhao (information security and security investments); Laura Rock Kopczak (trust and collaboration); Charles H. White, Jr. (transportation security); and Robert Bruce (telecommunications). Their latest publications can be found under "Academic Publications" and "Executive Publications" in this report.



Research Projects

The center cooperates with and sometimes provides funding to affiliated researchers for research on topics of direct interest to the center. This year the center continued its participation in four projects:

Tuck Global Consultancy Team: British Telecom

Identification and Management of Information Security Risks in Supply Chains with the Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (I3P)

Enhancing Trust through Information Sharing in the Extended Enterprise (EnTISE) with the Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (I3P)




Research Grants

Over the course of the last year, the center received and/or did work on the funding for the following research projects:

"Information Risk in the Professional Services." NIST, $128,500 for 2nd-year MBA and 3rd-year PhD student.

"Information and Trust in Humanitarian Supply Chains." Save The Children, $2500.

"Information Risk in Data-Oriented Enterprises" Department of Homeland Security, $532,038.

"Business Rationale for Information Security."Department of Homeland Security, $805,897.






MBA Fellows Program

The center offers this program for second-year students interested in digital technology and its broad impact on business today. Fellows have unique networking opportunities with the center's visitors including executives visiting a number of technology related classes; gain a greater understanding of the issues of digital strategies by working with center faculty and events; and are able to do independent research or write a case in an area of interest to the student. This year's fellows participated in the following ways:

Deepika Chauhan T'08, Radio Tuck interviewer, independent project
Aram Donigian T'08, Radio Tuck interviewer, Tech@Tuck host, independent project
Jason Freedman T'08, Radio Tuck interviewer, Tech@Tuck organizer, independent project
Brenda Lee T'08, Tech@Tuck organizer, independent project
Ashley Martin T'08, Radio Tuck interviewer, Tech@Tuck host, independent project
Vik Rana T'08, Radio Tuck interviewer, Tech@Tuck organizer, independent project
Darryl Seet T'08, Radio Tuck interviewer, Tech@Tuck organizer, independent project



MBA Fellows Projects

As part of their fellowship, MBA Fellows are required to engage in a project on a topic relevant to the center. Their papers/presentations were:

"Forging Adaptive Leaders: Revolutionizing Leader Development with Interactive Technology" Aram Donigian T'08
"Market Research: Web 1.0 in a Web 2.0 World," Jason Freedman T'08 
"Are You Ready for Web 2.0 Marketing?," Brenda Lee T'08
"CRM Success: What Drives Business Performance?"Ashley Martin T'08
"The Future of Cloud Computing," Vik Rana T'08



Visiting Executives and Academics

As part of its efforts to enrich the MBA program, the center invites and hosts executives and academics in conjunction with the professors teaching center-affiliated courses, or for other events at Tuck. This year we hosted 00 visitors for a variety of classes and events:

Chris Carella, Chief Creative Officer, Electric Sheep Company April 10, 2008, Tech@Tuck REcruiting Competition judge

Philip Evans, Senior VP and Director, Boston Consulting Group January 16, 2008, Tech@Tuck panel moderator

Pete Fields, eBusiness Director, eCommerce, Wachovia January 16, 2008, Tech@Tuck panelist

Chris Kelly, Chief Privacy Officer and Head of Global Public Policy, Facebook January 16, 2008, Tech@Tuck panelist

Blair LaCorte T'90, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, Savi Technology November 00, 2007, Supply Chain Management class speaker

John Lester, Boston Operations Director, Linden Lab January 16, 2008, Tech@Tuck panelist

Sylvia Marino, Executive Director, Community Operations, January 16, 2008, Tech@Tuck panelist

Chris Perrien, Marketing Director, Emerging IT Group, IBM October 9, 2007, Tech@Tuck Speaker Series speaker

JP Rangaswami, Managing Director, BT Design, BT Group January 16, 2008, Tech@Tuck panelist

Shawn Roman, Partner, Accenture Health & Life Sciences November 7, 2007, Supply Chain Management class speaker

Bruce Stevens, President, Steinway October 10, 2007, Supply Chain Management class speaker

Jason Thalappillil Interactive Marketing Manager, Pepsi March 26, 2008, Tech@Tuck Speaker Series speaker

Kerry Vance, Public Relations Manager, Joost December 3, 2007, Tech@Tuck Speaker Series speaker

JoAnn Winson, Senior Consultant, Academic Initiative, IBM April 10, 2008, Tech@Tuck Recruiting Competition judge

Surya Yalamanchili, Director of Marketing, LinkedIn April 10, 2008, Tech@Tuck Speaker Series speaker







Radio Tuck

Radio Tuck is an original interview series sponsored by the center and focused on the impact of digital technologies on the corporation of today. Interviews are available on our website as podcasts. The RSS feed for Radio Tuck continues to climb in hits. It has also been added to a number of business and education-related RSS directories, including iTunes, Open Culture (, and Yahoo!  The interviews are regularly featured on the Tuck homepage and weekly media updates. The url for our site is: With the help of our MBA fellows, we produced the following interviews—to listen to an interview, click on its title:

Paul Barth, NewVantage Partners "Information as Strategic Asset"

Brad Feld, Managing Director, The Foundry Group "Thematic Investing and the Implict Web"

Leon Gorman, Chairman, L.L. Bean "L.L. Bean, Looking Forward"

Edward Granger-Happ, NetHope "Technology Enabling Nonprofits"

Blaise Heltai, NewVantage Partners "TBD"

Chris Kelly, Facebook "Balancing Innovation and Risk at Facebook"

John Lester, Second Life "Strategy in Second Life"

Sylvia Marino, "Under the Hood at"

Chris Perrien and Ted Hoff, IBM "Web 2.0 and Innovation"

JP Rangaswami, BT Group "Making Enterprise 2.0 Work"

Robin Sundaram, VP, Information Security, ChoicePoint "Managing Information Risk"

Jason Thalappillil, Interactive Marketing Manager, Pepsi "Interactive Marketing at Pepsi "



Presentations and Event Participation

The center has presented at or attended the following events this year:

The Security Standard M. Eric Johnson, presenter September 10-11, 2007, Chicago, IL

FinanceCOM 2008 M. Eric Johnson, presenter December 8, 2007, Montreal, Canada

Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences M. Eric Johnson January 7-10, 2008, Waikoloa, HI

Network Centric Warfare 2008 Hans Brechbhl, panelist January 22, 2008, Washington, DC

The Fourth Annual I3P PCS Security Workshop Scott Dynes, presenter March 6, 2008, Houston, TX

International Logistic Summit Mexico 2008 M. Eric Johnson, speaker March 12-14, 2008, Mexico City, Mexico

Owen Graduate School of Management Seminar M. Eric Johnson, speaker April 16, 2008, Nashville, TN

Kellogg's Center for Operations and Supply Chain Management Seminar M. Eric Johnson, speaker April 30, 2008, Chicago, IL

The Disaster Panel: Management Lessons Learned from Responses to Natural Disasters M. Eric Johnson, panelist May 19, 2008, Hanover, NH

International Educational Advisors Conference Hans Brechbhl, presenters May 19, 2008, Hanover, NH

WEIS Conference 2008 M. Eric Johnson and Scott Dynes, presenters June 25-27, 2008, Hanover, NH


Participants in Center Events

The center has engaged Senior Fortune 500 executives and top academics in a substantive way at its roundtables this year (# of roundtables engaged in):

David Barrie VP, Corporate Development, Eaton Corporation
Dick Beatty, Prof. Human Resource Management, Rutgers University
Schon Beechler Prof. and Academic Director, Duke Corporate Education
Cindy Brabander V.P. Human Resources, Eaton Corporation, Fluid Power
Group Bill Blausey VP and CIO, Eaton Corporation
Barry Bramlett Director of Market Reach, Hilti North America
Jim Barrington Corporate CIO, Novartis
Urs Bleisch (2) Senior VP and CIO, Holcim
Don Castle VP, Information Technology, Consumer Companies, Johnson & Johnson
Denise Clark Senior VP and CIO, Hasbro, Inc.
Mark Copman VP, Corporate Development, 3M
Tom Courtney, Jr. Senior VP, North America Finance, Hasbro, Inc.
Rodney Davis AVP, Human Resources, Save the Children
Frank de Nobriga Director, Global Polymer Supply Chain, Eastman Chemical Co.
Jerry Ericksen CIO and Staff VP, Information Technology Applications, 3M
Jill Fitzsimmons IS&T Human Resources Manger, Bechtel
John Garing CIO, Dir. Strategic Planning and Info, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
Peter Goodson Faculty Lecturer, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley
Olivier Gouin (2) Senior VP and Group CIO, Nestle 
Ed Granger-Happ CIO, Save the Children Paul Groth Dir. Workforce Management and Planning, 3M
Mark Hillman Director, Global Computer Centers, General Motors
Ulf Hoof Group Senior VP, Head of Group Function M&A, ABB
Luis lvarez President of BT EMEA & Latin America, BT Global Services
Asea Brown Boveri Ltd. Ray Huber VP, IT & eBusiness, Eaton Electrical Inc.
Rebecca Jacoby Senior VP and CIO, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Joan James VP, Human Resources, Bechtel Systems & Infrastructures Inc., Bechtel
David Jemison Foster Parker Centennial Professor of Management and Finance and Director, Texas Executive MBA Program, McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin
Herbert Juranek (2) Executive Director of Group Organization & IT, Erste Bank Group
Roland Khler Head of Corporate Strategy & Risk Management, Holcim
Jeffrey Krakowiak VP, Corporate Sales and Marketing, Eaton Corporation
Blair LaCorte Operating Partner, Human Capital; Strategy; Business Development; Marketing, TPG Growth
Jake MacLeod Principal VP and Chief Technology Officer, Bechtel Fellow, Bechtel Communications, Inc.
Dave Margulius (3) Analyst and Consultant, Enterprise Insight
John Marshall Adjunct Associate Professor of Marketing and Technology Management, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College
Lawrence E. Milan Senior VP, Human Resources, ING Americas
Moni Miyashita Managing Director, Corporate Development, Mergers & Acquisitions Integration, IBM
Paul Montgomery VP, Talent Mangement, Eastman Chemical Company
Scott Neslin Albert Wesley Frey Professor of Marketing, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College
Ernie Park VP and CIO, 3M Chris Patrick Partner, Egon Zehnder International
Jack Penkoske Dir. Manpower, Personnel and Security, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
Martin Petry CIO, Hilti Aktiengesellschaft
Karl Probst (2) Senior VP and CIO, BMW Group
Vladimir Pucik Professor of International Human Resources and Strategy, IMD Thor
Geir Ramleth (2) Senior VP and CIO, Bechtel Group, Inc.
Al-Noor Ramji (2) CEO, BT Design and Group CIO, BT Group Haider Rashid (2) Group CIO, ABB Group
Werner Reinartz Professor of Marketing, University of Cologne
William Smith Director, Center of Excellence Sales, 3M
Vince Spina Senior Director, IT Acquisition and Special Environments, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Ed Steinike CIO, ING Americas and ING U.S. Financial Services
Keith Sturgill (2) VP and CIO, Eastman Chemical Company
Chuck Tadlock Corporate Development M&A Liaison, IBM
John Thompson Systems Fellow, Lead, Customer Value Creation, Information Technology Organization, Eastman Chemical
Lee Whisman Relationship Manager, Corporate Development, Eastman Chemical
Christian Wind General Counsel, Hilti Corporation
Martin Wohlmuth General Manager, Head of Group Strategy, Erste Bank
Kin-Ching KC Wu Director, Operations, Enterprise Data Solutions Group, Cisco Systems, Inc.

The following executives and academics participated in our security workshop, Security through Information Risk Management:
Rodney Baker, Head of Infrastructure, Region Americas, Adidas Group
Susan Bates, Vice President and Manager, Information Systems Security and Compliance Solutions, BJs Wholesale Club
Linda Betz, Director, IT Policy and Information Security, IBM Corporation
John Brenberg, Manager, IT Security & Integrity, 3M
Debra Cody Head of Information Security, Aetna, Inc.
Terri Curran, Director, Corporate Information Security Services Bose Corporation
Chris Dunning Director, Information Security Enterprise Information Security Officer,Staples Inc.
Mary Erlanger, Director of IT Risk Management, Global Information Technology, Colgate-Palmolive
Bill Gabby, Global Information Protection Manager, Cargill
Eric Goetz, Assistant Director, Research and Analysis I3P, Dartmouth College
Mauricio Guerra, Global Director of Information Security, The Dow Chemical Company
Neil Hershfield, Director, Chemical Sector Cyber Security Program, The Dow Chemical Company
Barry Horowitz, Professor of Systems and Information Engineering University of Virginia
Jack Matejka, Director, IT Security, Eaton Corporation
Robert Nowill, Director of Information & Network Security, BT Group
Sheldon Ort, Director, Information Asset Management and Architecture, Eli Lilly
Charles Palmer, Chair and Director of Research I3P, Dartmouth College
Shari Lawrence, Pfleeger Senior Information Scientist, RAND Corporation
Russ Pierce, Chief Security Architect, CVS Caremark
Geir Ramleth, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Bechtel Group, Inc.
Jeff Sherwood, Manager, Corporate Information Security, H&R Block
Pete Stang, Information Security Officer/Manager of Security, General Dynamics
Bobbie Stempfley, Vice Director for Strategic Planning and Information, Defense Information Systems Agency
John Stewart, Vice President and Chief Security Officer, Corporate Security Programs Organization, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Phil Venables, Managing Director and Chief Information Risk Officer, Goldman Sachs
Lee Warren, Chief Information Security Officer, United Technologies
Nancy Wilson, Director, Enterprise Information Security, Time Warner Cable


Executive Fellows

This was our third year working with our executive fellows. We welcome the opportunity to be affiliated with the following thoughtful executives who share common interests and are engaged with the work of the center:

Adam Golodner, Director, Global Security and Technology Policy, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Sam Kinney, Founder, General Partner, Firehole Partners, L.P.
Blair LaCorte, Operating Partner, Texas Pacific Group
Dave Margulius, Analyst and Consultant, Enterprise Insight
John Marshall, Partner, Bridgespan Group






Media Mentions

The center's leadership has been quoted or the center (or its events) mentioned in a number of articles in the public media over the course of the past year:

"Reclaiming New Orleans." The New York Times, July 2007.
"Is Securing Your Network Worth the Money?" Network World, July 2007.
"Advocacy Mashups Harness Power of Mapping.", July 2007.
"Internet Sharing Exposes Secrets." The Washington Times, July 2007.
"Classified U.S. Military Info, Corporate Data Available over P2P." Computerworld, July 2007.
"P2P Networks Turn Up Sensitive Corporate, Government Documents" Information Week,
July 2007.
"Toymaking in China, Mattel's Way." The New York Times, July 2007.
"With Tools on Web, Amateurs Reshape Mapmaking." The New York Times, July 2007.
"P2P Slammed as New National Security Risk.", August 2007.
"Daily Debriefing." The Dartmouth, August 2007.
"Recalls of Toys Pressure Agency." Washington Post, August 2007.
"Another Big Recall May Hit Mattel." Wall Street Journal, August 2007.
"Even More Recalled Chinese-made Toys." Marketplace, August 2007.
"World's Largest Toy-maker Issues Second Major Recall." PBS Newshour with Jim Lehrer,
August 2007.
"Want to Buy American-Made Toys? Good Luck." ABC News, August 2007.
"Recalls Widen Concerns About Chinese Products." NPR, August 2007.
"Mattel's Recall Heightens Fears over Toxic Toys." New Jersey Star-Ledger, August 2007.
"Land of Misfit Toys?" CNBC, August 2007.
"Chinese Toy Recalls Show Need for Stringent Quality Control." Christian Science Monitor,
August 2007.
"Meeting SOA and Web Services Security Challenges, Part 1." TechNewsWorld, August 2007.
"Wal-Mart Tightens Toy-Safety Program." The Washington Post, August 2007.
"Seven Questions: China’s Total Toy Recall." Foreign Policy Magazine, August 2007.
"Leaky P2P: Sounding the Alarm on Peer-to-Peer Software." IBM Internet Security Systems
, August 2007.
"Joost's Debut Singed by Firewalls." Beet.TV, August 2007.
"Toy Recall Impacts How U.S. Companies Do Business in China." PBS, August 2007.
"Indictment Here Marks 'New Age' of ID Theft." The Seattle Times, September 2007.
"Growing Business Dependence on the Internet." Business Roundtable, September 2007.
"Some Toy Companies Could See Sales Rise." Associated Press, September 2007.
"Man Charged with ID Theft Using Data Stolen from P2P Networks." Computerworld,
September 2007.
"Recalls Post Challenge for Mattel CEO." Associated Press, September 2007.
"Consumers Could Face Higher Toy Prices." Associated Press, September 2007.
"Paying a Price for Safe Toys." New York Post, September 2007.
"The Fifth Annual Global State of Information Security." CIO Magazine, September 2007.
"Citi Unit Info Leaked onto P2P Network." Dow Jones News Service, September 2007.
"One Million Simplicity, Graco Cribs Recalled." The Columbus Dispatch, September 2007.
"Mattel's Apology Opens New Rift in Toy Recall Spat." Straits Times, September 2007.
"Mattel and China Differ on Apology." Washington Post, September 2007.
"Deaths Prompt US Recall of Cribs Made in China." Associated Press, September 2007.
"Mattel Seeks to Placate China with Apology." Wall Street Journal, September 2007.
"Mattel Takes Its Lumps for Toxic Toys." Forbes, September 2007.
"Mattel's apology to China seems designed to appease a key partner'." The Seattle Times, September 2007.
"Dumped Mortgage Files Invite Identity Theft." Wall Street Journal, October 2007.
"Another Type of Risk." Business Credit, October 2007.
"Toy Recalls Revive Industry Worries." Wall Street Journal, November 2007.
"China Struggles with Toy Recalls." Radio Free Asia, November 2007.
"One on One with Eric Johnson: Toy Safety." Nightly Business Report, December 2007.
"Oracle Buys BEA Systems After Raising Price.", January 2008.
"BEA Accepts Sweetened Oracle Offer." Reuters, January 2008.
"Oracle Draws Praise for BEA Systems Deal." MarketWatch, January 2008.
"Inadvertent Data Disclosure on Peer-to-Peer Networks." CERT podcast, January 2008.
"Low-cost Country Sourcing.", February 2008.
"AP Centerpiece: Toy makers tweak lines to offset rising costs." Associated Press, February 2008.
"Maryland Doesn't Play Around With Toy Safety." Southern Maryland Online, February 2008.
"Local toy designer aims to let kids play and learn." Austin American-Statesman, February 2008.
"Your Data and the P2P Peril." Information Week, March 2008.
"Hewlett-Packard Deal Highlights Life in the Economy." U.S. News & World Report, May 2008.
"P2P File-Sharing Sinks Ships." eCommerce Times, July 2008.




Dartmouth/Tuck and Alumni Publicity

The center and its events have also been mentioned in several Tuck or Dartmouth publications. The center has been featured in the publications noted below:

"Nation's Top Cyber Security Official Calls for Greater Cooperation," VOX. October 22, 2007. "Window into the Executive World," Tuck Times. November 4, 2007. "Tuck study group ranks Holiday toys," The Dartmouth. November 26, 2007.

"Panel considers online networking," The Dartmouth. January 17, 2008.

"Tech@Tuck: Spotlight on Web 2.0" Tuck Times. February 21, 2008. "Save the Children CIO in Residence at Tuck School," VOX. March 3, 2008. "News and Events: Gregory Garcia of Department of Homeland Security." Tuck Today. Spring 2008.


Press Releases and Other Publicity

The center has coordinated with the PR office for press releases (unless indicated otherwise) on its major events this year. The following is a list of press releases this year:

  • "Tuck launches European chapter of roundtable on digital strategies." Tuck School Press Release, June 6, 2007.
  • "Tuck roundtable brings together top IT execs to discuss strategies in using customer data." Tuck School Press Release, September 27, 2007.
  • "Tuck center co-hosts new workshop on developing a secure organization." Tuck School Press Release, September 28, 2007.
  • "Tuck professor releases toy buyer's guide for concerned consumers." Tuck School Press Release, November 19, 2007.
  • "Tech@Tuck: Spotlight on Web 2.0." Tuck School Press Release, February 4, 2008.
  • "Tuck roundtable brings together top IT execs to discuss strategies for M&A and divestitures." Tuck School Press Release, February 4, 2008.
  • "Gentilly Project maps reconstruction efforts after hurricane Katrina." Tuck School Press Release, March 21, 2008.
  • "Tuck roundtable brings together top European IT execs to discuss strategies for M&A and divestitures." Tuck School Press Release, March 21, 2008.
  • "Time Warner Cable CEO sponsors new technology impact series." Tuck School Press Release, April 1, 2008.
  • "Survival Training for CIOs", August 4, 2008.



Last year, the center developed new HTML newsletters for its respective constituencies. For all of our contacts, in addition to our established annual holiday e-card in the winter, we send out another newsletter in the summer. For our current and former MBA Fellows, we produce two Alumni Fellows newsletters, one issued in the spring and one in the fall.

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