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January 20th, 2017

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Tuck School’s Center for Digital Strategies takes part in several Executive Education programs offered throughout the year, and in a number of locations. The “Digital Excellence Program“, offered in partnership with Google, was first offered in June 2015 and is geared towards the Minority Entrepreneur.  The  goal of this biannual program is to provide participants with the tools needed to bring their digital marketing and communication skills to the next level. Programs are hosted at different Google headquarters throughout the United States. Class sessions vary in topic from Google Analytics, to AdWords, to business leadership skills.

The Founder and President of Operations of Servexo, John Palmer, spoke with us about his Tuck experience, and the impact the program had on his company’s digital strategy.

How does the use of digital technology or strategy help enhance your business?
The Digital Excellence Program allowed me to see the importance and potential of having a digital presence in my industry. Once we recognized our niche in our organic SEO strategy, we began to apply to our website at the end of the program.

How others perceive our website and online platform, the user testing, was a huge eye opener.

John Palmer, Founder and President of Operations, Servexo

What was a key takeaway for you at the Digital Excellence Program that has helped your business?
In the words of Professor Alva Taylor “If you had your one dollar to spend, what would you spend it on when it comes to your digital strategy?” Having all of the knowledge was important but what is more significant is actually applying the strategy once I got back to my business. Not trying to implement everything at once but taking one thing away and applying it to our digital strategy. “Go do!”

Are there any specific digital or tech policies that have helped create a positive internal culture for your team?
Our online presence was critical and how we wanted to be portrayed, the strategies helped our employees focus in what matted to our customers/clients.

What has been one big surprise around the impact or influence of digital on your company?
How others perceive our website and online platform, the user testing, was a huge eye opener. It was an unbiased opinions of users who fit our customer profile. Also, one of our key words we used in our SEO strategy is not owned or dominated by any other security company online. We would have never known this information if it wasn’t for the Google AdWords assessment.

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John Palmer, Founder and President of Operations, Servexo
Digital Excellence, May 2016

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