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November 7th, 2017

Topics: Security

I found myself looking for a new podcast to subscribe to and binge listen – and I stumbled upon an original podcast from McAfee, Hackable?. This podcast was launched in July and features a weekly episode about security in the digital world we live in today. “In a world where we obsess over staying connected, how can we be sure we’re not leaving ourselves vulnerable? Hackable give us a front row seat to explore where we’re susceptible in our daily routines, without even realizing it.” In the first episode of the series, the host and a hacker go to a cafe in downtown Dallas, TX and expose their wifi. With the agreement from the owner of the cafe, the hacker sets up an identical wifi network to the one that visitors are used to connecting to when they get their daily cup of coffee. By simply creating a wifi network and essentially tricking users to connect to it, the hacker is has an incredible amount of access to each user on the network, including the ability to take screen grabs, recording key logs, uploading malware, and even (but not limited to) hacking into a device’s camera. With recent news about the KRACK vulnerability in virtually all wifi networks, this is another example of wifi networks being exploited to gain access (unwanted) into users devices.

What is there to learn here? From a consumer’s perspective, many people choose to automatically connect to free wifi hotspots as they go about their daily lives. Comcast has an expansive network of hotspots. You may not know what exact wifi network you are connecting to, especially if a hacker has disguised a custom network to fit into one of these network hotspots. Although less convenient, consumers should choose to only connect to verified, secure wifi networks.

For businesses, simply secure your network with a password or an authentication, and regularly monitor the traffic on your network – especially if you are a coffee shop near Dallas, TX. You should listen to this because McAfee is a leader in the internet security space and each episode from this podcast features Bruce Snell, a cybersecurity expert from McAfee.

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