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Digital business models refer to leveraging digital technologies to either transform or create new businesses, go-to-market approaches, and/or product and service combinations. This often results in a redefinition or reordering of the value chain and/or approach to the customer, thus altering or offering a new customer value proposition or new monetization path. At the CDS, we seek to understand the nature and type of these changes in model or approach and the role technology plays in enabling them.

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Forrester discusses how software really IS eating the world (and business models.)

Justin Holzwarth T’16 sits down with Forrester Research’s VP and Principal Analyst Serving Application Development and Delivery Profession...

Apps and Software: The Driving Forces of Business Model Transformation

Forrester’s VP and Principal Analyst Serving Application Development and Delivery Professionals, Jeffrey S. Hammond, discussed how the rise of s...

The $haring Economy: Peering into the New Business Model

Justin Holmes, Director, Corporate Communications at Zipcar and Spencer Bryan T’13, Product Manager at Lending Club discuss the new economy where c...

Effects and Opportunities of Digital Disruption in Business, in Higher Education and Online

James and Chris discuss how relationships and the educational experience will matter most to business education in the future as the EDU space continu...

Always-on: How Hyperconnectivity Disrupts Business

James McQuivey, Ph.D., VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research November 2014 / 76:23

How to Best Access Data and Execute Business Decisions from the Connected Consumer

Consumer data is one of the most talked about, yet least understood, concepts in business today. In this conversation with Chris Briggs, vice presiden...

Using the Cloud to Enable Business

Yancey describes DigitalGlobe purpose as “seeing a better world.” Cloud computing helps make that happen.

Today’s CIO and the Cloud: Enabling Business

Geoffrey Mattei T’12 interviews John on his extensive experience with DISSA, where he served as CIO for over 15 years and his current role at Vi...


The Digital (R)evolution

This overview shares insights gathered during the Britt Technology Impact Series of 2015-16.  The series focused on the growing diversity and impact of digital business models and their transformative effect on businesses.


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Digital Revolution Overview
ProfitVille: The Business of Local Social Gaming

Chris shares his insights on social gaming. He talks about local, social and mobile coming together to create a powerful new engaging business opportu...

The Business of Social Gaming

In this timely interview, Steve shares his insight into the social aspects of gaming from consoles to web games, as the Internet has allowed mainstrea...

Mobile and Connectivity To Run Business Better

Bill talks about how SAP helps the world run better by enabling businesses to connect, collaborate and achieve maximum efficiency.

Experimenting with Business Models and Video Content

After a lecture on Network Distribution and Monetization, Melody discusses whats working best for MTV and BET Networks.

The Business of Baseball

Sandy Alderson, former EVP of day-to-day operations for Major League Baseball, discusses the “business of baseball”—including the succes...

Wi-Fi in Business

Joe shares his thoughts on the impact of Wi-Fi on business and its eventual role for consumers. He also explains Cometa’s role in this value cha...

Outsourcing Business Processes

David Dougherty describes the business processing outsourcing industry and business. He shares his thoughts on how digital technologies and the intern...

Digital Technologies: Shaping the Future of Business

Abbie talks to us after the dotcom boom and bust. She shares her thoughts on the impact of digital technologies on business. Hear what business area s...

Contextual Marketing: The Real Business of the Internet

John shares insights from his new book “Contextual Marketing: The Real Business of the Internet”. The architect of the transformation stra...


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