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The rapid growth of digital technology and internet-based communications has a significant influence on society. Digital technology now influences every aspect of our lives, from transportation to communication and health to leisure time. At the CDS we feel it’s imperative to understand those changes and how they influence the way we work, govern, communicate and organize society.

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Alphabet, Facebook, Microsoft ‘in the crosshairs’ as other countries retaliate against Trump

CNBC / January 2017 As a guest on CNBC’s “Fast Money,” Roger McNamee T’82, Elevation Partners co-founder and CDS Founder, discusses ho...

Apple’s fight with the EU over taxes is just like Brexit, VC says

CNBC / August 2016

How Universities Lead the Way in Solving Social Problems

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The Home of Tomorrow, Today

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Deep Shift

21 Ways Software Will Transform Global Society

Hans Brechbühl co-authored this World Economic Forum report on the impact of software on society with his fellow Global Agenda Council members.

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