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The rapid growth of digital technology and internet-based communications has a significant influence on society. Digital technology now influences every aspect of our lives, from transportation to communication and health to leisure time. At the CDS we feel it’s imperative to understand those changes and how they influence the way we work, govern, communicate and organize society.

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Digital Health with Yuki Aoyama T’17

Listen to MBA Fellow, Yuki Aoyama T’17, presents findings from his MBA Fellows research project on digital health. Yuki explores the digital health...

The Promise and Challenges of Smart Cities with Paritosh Rai T’17

Listen to MBA Fellow, Paritosh Rai T’17, as he presents his findings from his MBA Fellows research project on smart cities. Paritosh looks at the k...

Personalized Tech: The C-Suite Weighs In

As part of the annual Geirheads Technology Conference, this Britt Technology Impact Series panel considered the massive moves toward personalization w...

Fighting for Airtime and Prospering in an App-First World

Hear how as the mobile economy continues to expand with diverse devices and even connected cars, Pandora has embraced an application-first business mo...

Exploring the Sharing Economy with Zipcar’s Justin Holmes at Tuck School

Zipcar’s Director of Corporate Communications, Justin Holmes, spoke with MBA fellow Wei Weslay Xu T’15 about the sharing economy, how weat...

The $haring Economy: Peering into the New Business Model

Justin Holmes, Director, Corporate Communications at Zipcar and Spencer Bryan T’13, Product Manager at Lending Club discuss the new economy where c...

Personalization and the Hyper-Connected Consumer

Cassie and Pasy explore opportunities for marketing through different channels, how timing is everything and realizing the best long term value of cus...

The Internet of Things: Grand Challenges Before Small Conveniences

Chris speaks about the potential of Machine-to-Machine (MTM) and the Internet of Things (IoT.) He challenges us to think more about grand challenges s...


Deep Shift

21 Ways Software Will Transform Global Society

Hans Brechbühl co-authored this World Economic Forum report on the impact of software on society with his fellow Global Agenda Council members.

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Jeffrey Wannop T’14 Fellows Project Presentation: The Internet of You @ Work

Jeff took a deep dive into the mobile world, mobile enterprise apps and the enterprise app store with his research project.

Jessica Calhoun T’14 Fellows Project Presentation: Will the Mobile Phone ever take over the Wallet?

Will you ever be able to leave your wallet at home and just take your phone? Jessica explored this possibility with her research project. She talked a...

Technology, Electronic Health Records and the Cloud

Lindsey Baron is Senior Manager of Product Operations at athenahealth, a leading provider of cloud-based services for electronic health record, practi...

Personal Health Care Decisions Based on Side Effects, Costs, Pain and Peer Experience

Founder and CEO of Wiser Together, Shub Debgupta, sits down with Tuck School of Business Center for Digital Strategies MBA Fellow, Alman Shibli T̵...

Technology, Wearables and the Health Care Industry

UnitedHealthcare’s Yasmine Winkler sits down to discuss wearables, innovation, the electronic health record and integration in the health care d...

The Sharing Economy: An Industry with Unbounded Potential?

Brent Dance T’13, MBA Fellow, Center for Digital Strategies March 2014 / 15:16

The Internet of You: The Connected Home Panel

Tech@Tuck explored the explosion of connected devices in everyday items and what this means for business and for how we live our lives. Panelists incl...

Getting To Know You: Big Brands & Big Data

Experts from Bluefly, Caesars, MasterCard, Nordstrom and explore how big data will change a trip to the mall, online shopping or a vacation to...

Innovation On Demand: The Promise of Cloud Computing Panel Discussion

Hear experts from AT&T,, Google and IBM discuss the possibilities, problems and promises of cloud computing. These panelists offer real...

Today’s CIO and the Cloud: Enabling Business

Geoffrey Mattei T’12 interviews John on his extensive experience with DISSA, where he served as CIO for over 15 years and his current role at Vi...

Human Behavior and Security Culture

John speaks with the CDS about the importance of understanding human behavior as it relates to information security in today’s business world. R...

Tuck Alumni discuss Social Technology and Cloud Computing

Prof Johnson moderates a lively discussion on cloud computing and social technology with Tuck Alumni who are now executives from Facebook, Cisco, Emer...


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