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The rapid growth of digital technology and internet-based communications has a significant influence on society. Digital technology now influences every aspect of our lives, from transportation to communication and health to leisure time. At the CDS we feel it’s imperative to understand those changes and how they influence the way we work, govern, communicate and organize society.

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The Evil Twin | You Should Listen To This

I found myself looking for a new podcast to subscribe to and binge listen – and I stumbled upon an original podcast from McAfee, Hackable?. This...

Why Do You Stalk People On Venmo? | You Should Listen To This

Today there are many different mobile apps that we mindlessly scroll through to because for some reason, we find it interesting. Venmo is a wildly pop...

Deep Shift: 21 Ways Software Will Transform Global Society

Hans Brechbühl co-authored this World Economic Forum report on the impact of software on society with fellow Global Agenda Council members.


The Promise and Challenges of Smart Cities

Paritosh Rai T'17

Paritosh presents findings from his MBA Fellows final research project on smart cities. Paritosh looks at the key components of smart cities, how the internet of things, cloud computing and big data all enable smart cities, and provides a road map forward for smart city development.

Enhancing Live Events through Digital Customer Engagement

In this Britt Technology Impact Series session, Kurt Schneider, former Harlem Globetrotters CEO and WWE SVP of Marketing discussed the best practices ...

Digital Customers: The Difference between Genuine Fans & Ticket Buyers

Digital technologies are the platforms we can use to connect with fans, but just as important is the message and brand you create to generate those ge...

The Importance of Branding and Live Events

Live events are no longer a “2D experience”. Digital technology allows companies and brands to create 3D touchpoints that enhance event experience...

Social Media & Live Event Brand Risks

Harlem Globetrotters used social media to “allow a new generation to see, access, and fall in love with the brand itself”. Learn how the company e...

Social Impact: Wearables for Good

When one hears the term “wearables” we often think of Fitbit, or perhaps Apple Watch.  However, this terms is much broader than health, fashion a...

What the Uber Profile by the NY Times Says About Penalties in a Digital Economy

The New York Times has an in-depth profile of Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick out that poses the question of when Uber will face repercussions for its well-...

United Airlines Epically Underestimates the Impact of Digital Technologies on Its Business

Unless you have been out of the country, you know it’s been a bad few weeks for United Airlines. Both the blocking juvenile passengers for wearing l...

Alumni Profile: Cassie Lancellotti-Young, T’11 & EVP of Customer Success, Sailthru

Tuck News / February 2017

Why You Can’t Ignore Digital Disruption

I saw an interesting comment on Linked-In recently. In response to a post about a firm’s digital disruption action plan, someone wrote: “What a bu...

Word-of-mouth Marketing

Interaction with one another via mobile applications is rampant nowadays. I feel like most people under the age of 30 primarily communicate with thei...

Alphabet, Facebook, Microsoft ‘in the crosshairs’ as other countries retaliate against Trump

CNBC / January 2017

Millennials at Work – They’re Not Different; Companies Are

What do you need to do to retain and get the most out of your valued Millennials?


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