Enterprise Transformation

Enterprise transformation refers to the structural, cultural and behavioral changes brought on by the injection of digital technologies into all parts of the enterprise. The change to the organizational structure and to the culture inside enterprises has an impact throughout the organization at all levels. Changes include how decisions are made and what skills and talent are needed in this environment, with an emphasis on collaborative leadership, agility and faster decision-making. Nowhere is this truer than in enterprise IT. At the CDS, we focus on understanding how organizations make the transition from an analog enterprise to a digital one.

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Enhancing Live Events Through Digital Customers Engagement

In this Britt Technology Impact Series session, Kurt Schneider, former Harlem Globetrotters CEO and WWE SVP of Marketing discussed the best practices ...

Monique Alves T’17 Interviews Kurt Schneider D’87

Monique Alves T’17 interviews form CEO, Harlem Globetrotters, Kurt Schneider D’87 about how live events are impacted by digital and the ev...

The Rise of Modern Freelancing with Nick McGowan T’17

Watch MBA Fellow, Nick McGowan T’17, presents findings from his MBA Fellows research project on the rise of freelancing and project-based work. Nick...

The Future of Enterprise Cloud with Yuri Maruyama T’17

Watch MBA Fellow, Yuri Maruyama T’17, present her research on Enterprise Cloud solutions, including hybrid clouds, private clouds, and public clouds...

Impact of Autonomous Vehicles on Last-Mile Delivery with Shashank Munjal T’17

Listen to MBA Fellow Alum, Shashank Munjal T’17, present his research on the challenges of autonomous vehicles on last-mile delivery, including re...

Connecting Cuba with Tim McDowell T’17

Watch MBA Fellow Alum, Tim McDowell T’17, present a real-time case study of digital-forward companies as they enter Cuba, and determine best pract...

Digital Health with Yuki Aoyama T’17

Listen to MBA Fellow, Yuki Aoyama T’17, presents findings from his MBA Fellows research project on digital health. Yuki explores the digital health...

The Promise and Challenges of Smart Cities with Paritosh Rai T’17

Listen to MBA Fellow, Paritosh Rai T’17, as he presents his findings from his MBA Fellows research project on smart cities. Paritosh looks at the k...


The Business of Social

Thought Leadership Roundtable on Digital Strategies

Social and collaboration technologies are redefining how people work, play, and shop, and blurring the lines among those activities.

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Beats by Dr. Dre’s Liz Hartley T’05 and Mathew Sevin T’16 discuss Careers, Dre and Apple

Liz talks about passion for digital careers, what has made Beats by Dr. Dre’s successful and its acquisition by Apple.

Life in the DigiScene: Hyperconnectivity’s Effect on Humans, Culture and Industry

For the first time in human history, we enter into a new world with an awareness that we can determine how this new world will operate. What decisions...

Cyber Warfare: Securing the Future of Industry

Schneider Electric Senior Director of Cybersecurity and Network Infrastructure, David Doggett, discussed the security challenges created by hyperconne...

How to Deliver the Digital Infrastructure with Cyber Security Top-Of-Mind

Center for Digital Strategies Program Manager, Patrick Wheeler, sits down with Adam Golodner, Partner at Kaye Scholer’s Complex Commercial Litig...

Delivering the Digital Infrastructure: Complex Connections in the Hyperweb World

What investments will need to be made to ensure adequate infrastructure to meet the needs of business and what role should the government play in buil...

The New Face of Personalization: Capitalizing on the Connected Consumer

Today’s consumer is always connected. Their phone is in their pocket; they have massive social networks where they connect with friends and engage w...

Effects and Opportunities of Digital Disruption in Business, in Higher Education and Online

James and Chris discuss how relationships and the educational experience will matter most to business education in the future as the EDU space continu...

The Internet of Things: Grand Challenges Before Small Conveniences

Chris speaks about the potential of Machine-to-Machine (MTM) and the Internet of Things (IoT.) He challenges us to think more about grand challenges s...

Adam Kramer T’14 Fellows Project Presentation: APIs are the Internet Glue

Application Programming Interfaces – how they can expose functionality of web apps and how they connect with large web properties such as facebo...

Alman Shibli T’14 Fellows Project Presentation: Personal Analytics

Alman discussed how tools like your fitbit offers personal analytics that collect, transform, visualize and use personal data to aid in an individual&...

Sprague Brodie T’14 Fellows Project Presentation: Content Discovery in the Information Age

There is so much information on the web and Sprague researched the differences between content aggregation, personalized curation of content and also ...

Tirthankar Deb T’14 Fellows Project Presentation: Mobile Payments, How near is the Cashless Future?

Tirthankar researched payment services performed on mobile, (wallets, POS payments and money transfers) the value chain and the value proposition of m...


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