Information Security & Risk

Information security and risk refers to the protecting of data and information important to the organization, its people, customers or partners. This includes securing of networks and devices, monitoring of information flows, handling of data and educating employees and consumers. Ubiquitous online access and massive growth of electronic data collection and storage have fueled increases in the number and complexity of security challenges. At CDS, we focus on understand how organizations can minimize risks in this increasingly complex information security environment.

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Multi-Screen Consumption: Data-Driven Content Delivery and Ad Spending

David discussed the challenges and opportunities for content producers, distributors, and advertisers operating in today’s hyperconnected world....

Big Data: the Power of Media Tracking with Rentrak in a Multi-Screen World

Rentrak COO and CFO, David Chemerow T’75, discusses the challenges and opportunities for content producers, distributors, and advertisers operat...

How to Deliver the Digital Infrastructure with Cyber Security Top-Of-Mind

Center for Digital Strategies Program Manager, Patrick Wheeler, sits down with Adam Golodner, Partner at Kaye Scholer’s Complex Commercial Litig...

Global Regulation of Data in a Post-Snowden World

FTC Commissioner Julie Brill focused on how regulatory bodies, such as the FTC, can continue to operate in a transnational, hyperconnected world. Spec...

Mandakini Saroop T’14 Fellows Project Presentation: Securing the Internet of Things

Connecting the physical world to the internet poses more security concerns than most people realize. Safety, privacy and theft are only a few of the c...

War Stories: Big Banks and Big Data

Stuart Cornew T’84, Co-founder, AnswerMine, LLC April 2014 / 51:03

Closed-Garden Data and Why it Must Be Blended and Shared

Explore transparent models, information gain theory and capturing the energy inside of the data for consumer marketing and finance.

Big Data: Promise, Power and Pitfalls

Nishant Mehta T’13, MBA Fellow, Center for Digital Strategies March 2014 / 10:10


10 Organizational Cybersecurity Imperatives

Professor Hans Brechbühl shares ten lessons for management gathered through various discussions and events the Center has had with companies and individuals.

Hans Brechbuhl | 10 Organizational Cybersecurity Imperatives
Big Data: Retargeting and Ecommerce

Hannah Yankelevich T’13, MBA Fellow, Center for Digital Strategies March 2014 / 13:25

Big Data’s Disruption of the CPG Ecosystem

James Valdez T’13, MBA Fellow, Center for Digital Strategies March 2014 / 7:00

The Supply Chain of Consumer Data

Justine Modot T’13, MBA Fellow, Center for Digital Strategies March 2014 / 10:48

How to Best Access Data and Execute Business Decisions from the Connected Consumer

Consumer data is one of the most talked about, yet least understood, concepts in business today. In this conversation with Chris Briggs, vice presiden...

Tipping The Scale: Google & The Future Of Big Data

The world leader in search is already beginning to tell you what you need, before you ask for it. Now, Google is harnessing big data to make moonshot ...

Big Data Startups: Small Operations, Large Impact

Andy Palmer T’94 is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in accelerating the foundation and growth of early-stage, mission-driven companies. H...

Critical Care: Prescriptions For Marketing With Big Data & Aetna

Robert Mead, SVP of Marketing at Aetna and Michael Palmer, Head of Innovation at Aetna visited Tuck to discuss the use of big data and marketing in he...

Ford’s John Ginder Talks Big Data & The Auto Industry

Dr. John Ginder is the Manager of Systems Analytics and Environmental Services at one of the world’s most data-driven and data-rich companies &#...

Big Data Opportunities with Ford’s John Ginder

Big data is changing not only how automobiles are produced but also what we drive and how we drive. Ford’s Dr. John Ginder explored how big data...

Big Data & Luxury Commerce with Alexis Hoopes T’06, Nordstrom’s Director of Online Merchandising

CDS MBA Fellow, Hannah Yankelevich T’13 and Alexis Hoopes T’06 discuss how brands are using big data to exceed customer expectations and d...

listen’s Sudev Balakrishnan Discusses Ecommerce and Big Data

Sudev sits down with CDS MBA Fellow, Vijai Krishnan T’13 to talk about the skills needed to be successful in today’s ecommerce marketplace...

Philip DeGisi T’09 on Big Data and Ecommerce’s Director of Merchandising, Philip DeGisi talks about taking big data and turning that into personalized online shopping experiences....


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