Information Security & Risk

Information security and risk refers to the protecting of data and information important to the organization, its people, customers or partners. This includes securing of networks and devices, monitoring of information flows, handling of data and educating employees and consumers. Ubiquitous online access and massive growth of electronic data collection and storage have fueled increases in the number and complexity of security challenges. At CDS, we focus on understand how organizations can minimize risks in this increasingly complex information security environment.

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12 Critical Requirements for Security Leadership

As the cyber security industry has witnessed an unprecedented onslaught of data breaches and headline risks in recent years, it has precipitated a fun...

The Senate’s Request of Facebook is Reactionary, Not Principled

Facebook Faces Questioning Over Alleged Bias Against Conservatives in its ‘Trending Topics’ Section.

Quick Takes on the FBI & Apple Case for Data Retrieval

“If Apple is forced to build a backdoor as the FBI is demanding, Apple’s stake in the enterprise market is at least in question, if not in...

Snowden and the NSA Participate in Symposium on Privacy in a Networked World

I recently had the opportunity to attend a symposium on privacy at Harvard University featuring Edward Snowden and the NSA Director of Commercial Solu...

CISOs and Direct Reports: How To Develop a More Strategic Mindset

Today’s chief information security officer (CISO) is facing a new set of challenges. Tuck offers a proven executive education program specifically d...


Do we really need locks that automatically unlock based on a user’s proximity? Borrowing from the idea of “permissions” in computer ...

The Impact of Security Practices – ICIS in Shanghai

Professor Eric Johnson and I recently presented this paper on compliance and security in the healthcare industry.

Data Governance: Preventing Enterprises from Losing Money Because of Bad Data

Data Governance and data quality are about the meaning of data. Only functional expertise from the sales department, for example, can tell when a pros...


10 Organizational Cybersecurity Imperatives

Professor Hans Brechbühl shares ten lessons for management gathered through various discussions and events the Center has had with companies and individuals.

Hans Brechbuhl | 10 Organizational Cybersecurity Imperatives

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