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Technology innovation refers to the use of technology in new products and services, and the process of the innovation. Technology innovation also commonly necessitates adoption of new methodologies by the user, consumer, or employee. At the CDS, we aim to understand both new innovations enabled by technology and new methods used to drive innovation.

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Personalized Tech: The C-Suite Weighs In

As part of the annual Geirheads Technology Conference, this Britt Technology Impact Series panel considered the massive moves toward personalization w...

Beats by Dr. Dre discusses Partnerships, Tech Trends and Advice for MBAs entering Tech

Elisabeth Hartley T’05, Head of Portfolio Strategy and Product Development, discusses market expansion through strategic partnerships with athle...

Apps and Software: The Driving Forces of Business Model Transformation

Forrester’s VP and Principal Analyst Serving Application Development and Delivery Professionals, Jeffrey S. Hammond, discussed how the rise of s...

INEX Advisors on Investing in Information Technology and IoT

Chris Rezendes, Founder and President at INEX Advisors, speaks with Tirthankar Deb T’14 about monetizing what he predicts will be the fragmentat...

Technology, Electronic Health Records and the Cloud

Lindsey Baron is Senior Manager of Product Operations at athenahealth, a leading provider of cloud-based services for electronic health record, practi...

Technology, Wearables and the Health Care Industry

UnitedHealthcare’s Yasmine Winkler sits down to discuss wearables, innovation, the electronic health record and integration in the health care d...

Tech Triage: Health Care’s New Network

UnitedHealth Group’s Chief Marketing, Product and Innovation Officer, Yasmine Winkler, athenahealth’s Lindsey Baron and Founder/CEO of Wis...

Technologists at the Gate: How Smart Devices are Taking Over the Enterprise

The arrival of smart tech to what had been internet-free precincts is not just changing how enterprises operate but also the goods they produce and th...


Navigating the Leadership Challenges of Innovation Ecosystems

Professor Ron Adner discussed with MIT his research and work in the context of digital innovation. With technology always evolving and improving, it is necessary for companies like Apple and Amazon to create collaborations?

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Being Bold, Making Risks and Today’s State of Tech

Bill offers insights on topics ranging from leadership to cloud computing and innovating at the edge keeping the core tight. Bill speaks about making ...

HTML5 and Tech Investing

Roger keynoted Tuck’s 2012 Entertainment, Sports & Media Symposium with this inspirational and completely unique consideration of technology...

Tuck Alumni discuss Social Technology and Cloud Computing

Prof Johnson moderates a lively discussion on cloud computing and social technology with Tuck Alumni who are now executives from Facebook, Cisco, Emer...

B2B and Social Technology

Paul discusses the importance of LinkedIn and the challenges of using social technology in a billable-hours business model. Paul sees social as a busi...

The Vital Tool of Social Tech

Rod discusses the myriad changes social technology is bringing to corporate communications and what is likely to come.

The Necessary Measures of Social Technology

Linda discusses the many possibilities and strengths of social media measurement. She also explores the multiple evolving areas of analytics.

Social Technologies: Re-Engineering the Enterprise

This interview focuses on social technologies and how they are affecting the enterprise. From how internal collaboration happens, to how companies bui...

Social Technology and the Cable Industry

Sam speaks about social media, social marketing and social technologies are affecting on business and specifically on the cable industry. Sam talks ab...

The News Media and the Internet

The amazing challenges and opportunities the internet poses for the news media, the advertising world and consumers is considered by Professor Gans....

The Mobile Ecosystem Today and Tomorrow

Mark answers specific questions about the mobile industry including new devices, emerging networks and big players.

Monetizing 3G

Jonathan discusses the mobile value chain and monetization.

Venture Capital

CDS Co-Founder and Tuck Alum, Roger McNamee, speaks with students about the current venture capital market.


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