Google’s Revamped App Wants to Be Like Facebook | You Should Listen To This

August 14th, 2017

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In this episode of Talking Tech by USA Today, Jefferson Graham explores the Google app’s new update. The update brings weather reports and cards at the bottom of the app with news headlines tailored to your interests.

Since Google already knows a lot about you, just like Facebook, based on your searches, it now presents news stories based on your previous searches and likes. There are also tabs for movies, sports, tv reviews, and etc.

Another key feature of the app is that useful features of other google apps, such as maps, search, translation, and etc., can also be found in this update, leading you towards a more connected experience.

However, the app’s most prominent feature is still its search functionality but it seems unnecessary to download a whole new app when it is also available on your pre-installed web-browsing app. Even though the Google app packs in a lot of features of other apps with its new update to rival Facebook’s news feed, it still seems as though it’s trying too hard to gain users.

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