Lost in a Cab | You Should Listen To This

July 24th, 2017

Topics: Marketing / Sales

Have you ever left something in a cab? What is the first thing you do? Most of us would search google for the answer – such as “lost item NYC”. In this podcast by Gimlet Media’s Reply All they explore the business of how professional scammers are using ads to target vulnerable people on the internet.

When someone is in a panic and trying to find their lost items, they are likely to click the first thing that comes up in a Google Search. Unfortunately, this has been used negatively to take advantage of people who are trying to fix or find something in a hurry. If you go to this website it looks like a legitimate website in which you can enter your lost item details and get some immediate attention or help in finding it. Now imagine if you just lost your brand new cellphone – you are most likely going to fill a form out on their website (and pay money) in hopes someone can help. The fascinating folks at Reply All look into this website and a few others that have their entire business model designed by this type of scam. Something to ponder is what is Google’s role in this? How can they manage ad buyers like this? Are they at all responsible?

You should listen to this! On a personal note – Reply All is consistently producing great podcasts about the internet. Definitely worth a subscribe and starting from the beginning (about three years of weekly podcasts).

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