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Britt Technology Impact Series

Our flagship speaker series provides MBA candidates and the Tuck and Dartmouth communities with insights into how changes in technology affect individuals, impact enterprises and reshape industries. The series explores a different theme each academic year through events including panel discussions with industry leaders, one-on-one meetings with executives, and academic seminars. The program is made possible by a generous donation from Glenn Britt T’72, former Chairman, President & CEO of Time Warner Cable.

Current Series:Digital Frontiers: The Strategic Impact of Emerging Technologies

Today’s digital age presents an ever-expanding list of emerging technologies, each of which has the ability to disrupt businesses and industries who do not properly understand the technology and adopt digital strategies that enable their business to succeed.

Technologies such as VR, AR, Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning, 5G Wireless, the Internet of Things, Advanced Robotics, Quantum Computing, Neural Networks, Chatbots, Edge Computing, Voice Assistants, and 3D Printing (among others) all present unique challenges and opportunities for the enterprise.

The 2018-19 Britt Technology Impact Series will examine a wide range of emerging technologies and what the strategic impact of each technology is on business. It will further discuss how general managers should approach emerging technologies.

Examples of the types of questions that will addressed include:

  • What are current emerging technologies and how do they work? What use cases currently exist or are likely to be developed for each emerging technology?
  • What is the likely impact of emerging technologies on business strategy? How big of a shift are these trechnologies likely to cause?
  • What digital strategies exist for each emerging technology?
  • How can businesses assess when to invest in a particular emerging technology?
  • Should businesses develop emerging technology capabilities in-house or look to partnerships in the development of capabilities, products, and services?
  • What are some common pitfalls when managing emerging technologies?
  • How can organizations find and/or develop talent to support emerging technology strategies?


The 2018-2019 Britt Technology Impact Series will seek to answer these questions and further explore how emerging technologies are likely to impact business strategy in the near future.


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