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Britt Technology Impact Series

Our flagship speaker series provides MBA candidates and the Tuck and Dartmouth communities with insights into how changes in technology affect individuals, impact enterprises and reshape industries. The series explores a different theme each academic year through events including panel discussions with industry leaders, one-on-one meetings with executives, and academic seminars. The program is made possible by a generous donation from Glenn Britt T’72, former Chairman, President & CEO of Time Warner Cable.

Current Series:Data and Decisions: How Information Affects Management in the Digital Age

Data is an important tool for managerial decision-making. Leaders use data to inform their thinking on a wide range of topics, with tools and capabilities continually evolving. AI and machine learning are examples of growing tools that assist enterprises in making better decisions, and in uncovering potential new products and services. What was once the realm of statisticians and financial experts is now central to the strategic, operational, and talent decisions of managers in many of today’s organizations.

The 2017-18 Britt Technology Impact Series will examine the importance of data in today’s businesses, with particular emphasis the impact of how the use and manipulation of data can allow for organizational advantage.


Examples of the types of questions that will addressed include:

  • How has decision-making changed and evolved in the age of data?
  • To take advantage of data, we need to rethink organizational boundaries to enable data sharing. How, specifically, does data breakdown silos within organizations?
  • What is the role of the IT function in managing data for their enterprise? How has it evolved over time?
  • How do organizations think about data science and where do data scientists report? How does organizational placement impact use of data science?
  • What security and privacy challenges does AI introduce? How are organizations managing those challenges?
  • Data allows for personalization in sales and marketing. What is next for data-driven sales and marketing?
  • How do AI and treating data as a business or product change enable new business models and opportunities?
  • What new skills and capabilities to succeed as an AI and data-driven organization, and how do we develop and/or acquire them?

The 2017-2018 Britt Technology Impact Series will seek to answer these questions and further explore the many ways data helps the modern, digital business make better decisions.


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