MBA Associates Program

The Center for Digital Strategies offers a new MBA enrichment opportunity for Tuck students, the MBA Associates Program.  The program is designed to offer first year Tuck students interested in learning about digital a structured opportunity to engage personally and directly with CDS.

The MBA Associates Program will commence in the fall of 2017 and will enable a group of first year students to become an active participant in the digital business discussions offered by CDS. They will engage with center staff and faculty, second year MBA Fellows, and alumni and other executives on digital strategy topics, forming a community of interest addressing technology trends and their implications for business leaders in the digital age.

CDS is proud and excited to increase our impact and reach more students by offering this “first of its kind” program for first year MBAs.

“I miss working in the technology space, specifically being immersed in a constantly evolving and changing media landscape. This program has been my connection to my previous world. One of the most incredible parts of Tuck is its gorgeous remote location. That said, with its remote geography, come certain downsides, and the CDS Associates program has helped fill a void I otherwise would have strongly felt. I greatly enjoyed being a part of a community that challenges me and makes me think differently about digital trends, questions and challenges” – Jamie Mittelman T’19

“It was great to hear the different perspectives of my classmates and get the reading material to inform myself about the different topics. I also appreciated the Britt Series and interactions with C-Suite executives we had throughout the year” – Christian Barz T’19

Interested students may get more information about the program by emailing

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