MBA Fellows Program

The Center for Digital Strategies offers an MBA Fellows Program for second-year students looking to deepen their understanding of the impact of information technology on business strategy. Our MBA Fellows are passionate about technology and engage with the CDS team, alumni, and visiting executives to further study the enabling role of digital technologies on business strategy. No two MBA Fellows are alike or have the same background, but all are active and vocal evangelists for the role of technology in business.

As an MBA Fellow, students are granted increased access to the CDS network of alumni and executives, provided with structured sessions to discuss current technology subjects, and supported by the center in pursuit of self-directed research projects.

Other opportunities that MBA Fellows can avail themselves of include:

  • Hosting center-affiliated visiting executives
  • Writing and collaborating on cases
  • Pursuing independent studies
  • Assisting in academic research projects
  • Proposing, promoting and managing events
  • Attending global executive forums facilitated by the center

If you are a current Tuck MBA student who is interested in being a part of this program, please contact Patrick Wheeler.

The center is currently piloting an Alumni Advisors Program, which connects Tuck alumni with the center to provide mentorship to current MBA fellows, collaborate with the center to enhance programming and advise center leadership on student engagement and tech industry developments.

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