MBA Fellows Program

The Center for Digital Strategies offers an MBA Fellows program for second-year students looking to deepen their understanding of the impact of information technology on business strategy and the future of general management. MBA Fellows are passionate about technology and engage with the CDS team, alumni, and visiting executives to further study the enabling role of digital technologies on business strategy. No two MBA Fellows are alike or have the same background, but all are active and vocal evangelists for the role of technology in business.

Through the center, the program enables learning opportunities centered around the following:

Build Upon and Learn from Digitally-focused Community – Meet with peers, center staff, faculty, alumni and visiting executives for small group discussions focused on current topics impacting the world of business. By sharing your perspectives and knowledge with the group and hearing the perspectives of your peers, you will gain a well-rounded understanding of digital strategies.

Access a Global Network of Thought Leaders – Gain priority access to a vast network of global executives and alumni in areas of interest that matter to you and your unique pathway of learning at Tuck. Use your time with these thought leaders to ask questions, observe diverse leadership perspectives, learn about changes to business, and identify career paths and opportunities. We have several networks of executives, including a global group of CIOs and an alumni community that includes almost 150 past MBA Fellows.

Expand and Demonstrate Knowledge of Digital Strategies – Apply what you’ve learned in the program and at Tuck by participating in various learning opportunities. The center allows you to demonstrate your knowledge via independent research projects, experiential learning projects, Onsite Global Consulting projects, and by engaging directly with executives at our programs aimed at global CIOs and business leaders.

Acquire and Hone Business Skills – Take advantage of opportunities to acquire and hone both hard and soft skills through the center. Our fellows work with the center team to learn research, business writing, public speaking, negotiation, digital marketing and analytics skills, and other important skills needed in today’s fast-paced business world.

Other opportunities that MBA Fellows can avail themselves of include:

  • Hosting center-affiliated visiting executives
  • Writing and collaborating on cases
  • Pursuing independent studies
  • Assisting in academic research projects
  • Proposing, promoting and managing events
  • Attending global executive forums facilitated by the center

“The MBA Fellows program presented countless opportunities for us to dive deep into the world of digital and its impact to business, society, and people” – Robin Hwang T’18

“Being a CDS MBA Fellow was definitely a highlight of my Tuck experience. I can’t wait to be a proud CDS alumni” – Sravya Yeleswarapu T’18

“As an MBA Fellow, I had the incredible opportunity to engage with the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on the Future of Software and Society. I worked with world business leaders to assess how technology tipping points will impact society” – Laura Ionita T’15

If you are a current Tuck MBA student who is interested in being a part of this program, please contact Patrick Wheeler.

The center is currently piloting an Alumni Advisors Program, which connects Tuck alumni with the center to provide mentorship to current MBA fellows, collaborate with the center to enhance programming and advise center leadership on student engagement and tech industry developments.

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