Elgar Fleisch

Elgar Fleisch

IoT, mobile and ubiquitous computing


Elgar Fleisch has a double appointment at ETH Zürich and University St. Gallen (HSG). At ETH, he is a full professor of information management, at HSG of technology management. At ETH Zürich Elgar Fleisch is part of the Department of Management, Technology, and Economy (D-MTEC) where he currently serves as deputy dean and head of the doctoral program. At HSG he is part of the Institute of Technology Management (ITEM-HSG) where he serves as director, and at the university level as a member of the Habilitationskommission, and the Weiterbildungskommission.

At both affiliations, Elgar Fleisch runs a team of post docs and doctoral students. All research projects span across both teams.

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