Don Castle T’81

New Madison Ave


Don Castle T’81 is a partner in the consulting firm New Madison Ave, where he specializes in advising CEO’s and boards of directors on opportunities and risks presented by Digital Technologies, and in helping chief marketing officers to use data to enhance brand strength and revenue.

Previously, Don held CIO positions at Johnson & Johnson, first for Ethicon, Inc. a manufacturer of surgical devices, then as Group CIO for J&J’s six global medical device companies.  He also was CIO, then President of the Life Science Services at SGS North America, and CIO for Nabisco International.

Don has run one business-to-business startup, and served as an adviser to another startup in Healthcare IT. He serves on the board of the nonprofit Inroads NY/NJ.

Don has a bachelor degree from Dartmouth, and an MBA from The Tuck School.

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