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May 1st, 2017

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Do you remember when Pinterest was the hot new ‘social network’ that everyone needed? It was just a couple of years ago, and now, Pinterest is quietly still performing well, and a top 10 (active users) social network mobile application. In this podcast by Bloomberg Technology’s Decrypted, they dive into how Pinterest is surviving, and how they plan to stay alive with big name competition trying to enter their territory. Pinterest co-founders speak about their unique style of leadership, and what their vision is for the future of their company.

Evan Sharp and Ben Silbermann face serious competition, most notably from google and Instagram. Recently, both giants released features that allow you to save photos to collections, similar to Pinterest’s boards. Both Google and Instagram have more active users and are growing faster. Even so, Evan and Ben are confident that their product is still different, in fact, they don’t view their company as a social network, more of a place to go for everything you do in your life. That is their next challenge – selling that view to the public. You have to appreciate their view on this. There are only so many different social media applications that people are willing to stay active on, and they acknowledge that they shouldn’t be trying to compete directly with them.

A lot of users would download the app and either have no idea on how to really use the platform, or the purpose. After listening to this, as someone who has spent a total of 15 minutes on Pinterest and then deleted, I felt the urge to download the application and give it another try. This is exactly what I think Pinterest has to do to grow and stay relevant. Improving their user experience and ensuring that once someone downloads Pinterest (whether it be for the first or second time), they need to know what they can do on the application.

You should listen to this, and possibly download Pinterest, and see if you feel the same way!

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