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Mike LaJoie spoke about what emerging technologies—social and otherwise—allow cable service providers to more thinly slice what had been the broadest of mass mediums. This discussion considered how social technology is allowing what had been a one-way medium like TV to better engage with its audience. For example, viewers once confined to placing a phone call to vote as part of show like American Idol now have broader options for interacting with what they’re watching. Would making TV more social boost the water-cooler effect that prompts viewers to tune in at the same time and react in real-time on sites like Facebook and Twitter? Will these social tools be successful in helping maintain revenue from advertisers if viewers are forced to do more than fast-forward through commercials? Also, is social technology boosting the analytics that cable service providers can offer to advertisers? That is, do social technologies give companies more insight into the behavior of consumers and therefore more sway with advertisers? These questions as well as those posed by audience members were considered.



Mike LaJoieMike LaJoie, EVP & CTO, Time Warner Cable

Mike LaJoie was appointed Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer of Time Warner Cable in January of 2004. He has been responsible for the development and implementation of technology strategy for video, data and voice products, technology support, network operations and furthering industry standards and policy.

Before becoming CTO, Mr. LaJoie served as Executive Vice President of Advanced Technology and Vice President of Corporate Development, overseeing the deployment of Video on Demand systems launches other new services and products. He has been involved in many development projects over his years with Time Warner Cable including Multi Media, Full Service Network, Road Runner, Pegasus and Telephony. Prior to joining Time Warner Cable, Mr. LaJoie was engaged in software development and network systems design. 

Mike also spoke at the SCTE program in April  of 2011. 

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