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Britt Technology Impact Series: Mobile

The Britt Technology Impact Series (BTIS) provides MBA candidates and the Tuck and Dartmouth communities with insights into how changes in technology affect individuals, impact enterprises and reshape industries. The series explores a different theme each academic year through events including panel discussions with industry leaders, one-on-one meetings with executives and academic seminars. At year-end, the center produces an overview of the findings that gives students unique perspectives on relevant business and technology issues. This program is made possible by a generous donation from Glenn Britt T'72, former Chairman & CEO of Time Warner Cable. The 2015-16 BTIS is examining the radical transformation that technology is having on business models in a series titled, Business Model (R)Evolution: The Age of Digital Transformation.

Past series: the hyperweb, the internet of thingsbig data, cloud computing, social technology, mobility, video and web 2.0.  

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Current Series: Connected Everywhere: The Transformation to a Hyperweb World

Over the past six years, the Center for Digital Strategies has examined six major technology trends and how they impact individuals, businesses, and industries. Video, Mobile, Social, Cloud, Big Data and the Internet of Things have all proven to play a significant role in shaping the way we all see and interact with the world through digital technology. We are now facing a perfect storm where these technologies are coming together to change the world in previously unimaginable ways. Making this coming together possible is the concept of a Hyperweb that focuses not on singular technology, but on the linking between all of their technologies. This technological convergence is made possible by APIs, HTML5, and other developments and has given rise to new industries, made some companies into winners (often at the expense of others), and opened up new frontiers. The 2014-15 Britt Technology Impact Series examined the transformational impact of the growing hyperweb and the fusion of technology into every interaction in our corporate and social worlds.

  • The New Face of Personalization: Capitalizing on the Connected Consumer Photo

    The New Face of Personalization: Capitalizing on the Connected Consumer

    November 3, 2014 • Tuck School of Business

    Cassie Lancellotti-Young T'11, EVP at Sailthru, visited Tuck to discuss her experience with the hyperconnected marketplace. More ›

  • Digital Drop-In: Aviate Photo

    Digital Drop-In: Aviate

    May 9, 2014 • Tuck School of Business

    We were pleased to host the second of our Digital Drop-In Series with Mark Daiss, Co-founder of Aviate, which was acquired by Yahoo! in January. This event was for T'14 and T'15 center fellows only. More ›

  • Ahead in the Cloud: Thriving in the Marketplace of Tomorrow Photo

    Ahead in the Cloud: Thriving in the Marketplace of Tomorrow

    May 3, 2012 • Tuck Campus

    The CDS was pleased to welcome Bill McDermott, Co-CEO and Executive Board Member of SAP AG, back to Tuck to discuss cloud computing. More ›

  • Mobile Strategy Overview Photo

    Mobile Strategy Overview

    September 23, 2010

    The 2009-10 series provides a better understanding of the dynamics and challenges facing the telecommunications industry (but materially affecting so many others), as well as the changes in how people are using new mobile capabilities every day. More ›

  • Mobile Future: Infrastructure, Enterprise, Commerce Panel Photo

    Mobile Future: Infrastructure, Enterprise, Commerce Panel

    April 28, 2010 • Tuck Campus

    Four industry experts came to Tuck to consider the vast possibilities in the current and future mobile marketplace. Participations included Perry LaForge T'04, Founder, Executive Director and Chairman, CDMA Development Group; Mike Mulica, CEO, FusionOne; Barry West, Strategic Advisor, Clearwire and the panel was moderated by Mark Lowenstein, Managing Director, Mobile Ecosystem.  More ›

  • Mobile Money: Innovation Ecosystems and Strategy Photo

    Mobile Money: Innovation Ecosystems and Strategy

    April 21, 2010 • Tuck Campus

    Associate Professor of Business Administration at Tuck, Ron Adner, moderated a discussion with the EVP and CDO of Nokia, Mary McDowell. The full room of MBA students, Tuck faculty and staff listened to Mary's extensive knowledge surrounding the mobile payments and banking industry. Attendants enjoyed asking Mary direct questions at the end of the session. More ›

  • Mobile Advertising Panel Photo

    Mobile Advertising Panel

    March 31, 2010 • Tuck Campus

    This panel spoke to a full room of students, faculty and staff. Adam Cahill, Senior Vice President, Director of Digital Media, Hill Holiday and Lars Albright, Director, Publisher Partnerships & Alliances, Apple, Inc. were moderated by Carl Howe, Director, Anywhere Consumer Research, Yankee Group. Successful mobile marketing campaigns, possible future mobile marketing capabilities and mobile technology were discussed and attendants asked specific questions following the discussion. More ›

  • Location-Based Services Photo

    Location-Based Services

    March 3, 2010 • Tuck Campus

    Margot Carlson Delogne, Vice President of Global Communications at TeleAtlas, spoke to a full room of Tuck students about mapping, marketing and the technologies of location-based services. More ›

  • Mobile TV Value Chain: Business Models and Monetizing 3G Panel Photo

    Mobile TV Value Chain: Business Models and Monetizing 3G Panel

    February 24, 2010 • Tuck Campus

    This panel of highly experienced executives came together to discuss the challenges of monetizing digital content as well as the diverse landscape of business models in the current mobile TV marketplace. Participants included Dan York, Executive Vice President, Content, AT&T; Jonathan Barzilay, Senior Vice President, Programming & Advertising, FLO TV/Qualcomm; Matt Murphy, Senior Vice President, Digital Video Distribution, Disney & ESPN, Media Networks and was moderated by Alva Taylor, Associate Professor, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. More ›

  • Mobile Strategy, Technology, Entertainment and Innovation Photo

    Mobile Strategy, Technology, Entertainment and Innovation

    January 13, 2010 • Tuck Campus • TECH@TUCK

    Industry experts, business leaders, academics and vendors gathered to discuss mobile strategy. The panel was a strategic conversation on 2010's theme of Mobile Technology. Participants included Terry Kramer, Regional President of Vodafone Americas; Kevin Bradshaw, CEO of buzzd; Mark Vandenbrink, VP of Technology Solutions, Samsung and was moderated by Emily Nagle Green, President and CEO of Yankee Group. More ›

  • The Monetization of Mobile Content Photo

    The Monetization of Mobile Content

    April 15, 2009

    Executives from Quattro Wireless and Samsung Telecommunications dicuss the challenges of delivering mobile content. More ›

Past Series

The Internet of You: Better Living Through Connectivity (#IoY)  Thumb Information Overload: Capitalizing on Big Data Thumb Ahead in the Cloud: The Impact of On Demand Software, Storage and Services Thumb The Business of Social: Engagement, Innovation & Collaboration Thumb Mobile Strategy: Technology, Entertainment and Innovation Thumb Video: Winning the Battle for People, Platforms & Profits Thumb

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Britt Technology Impact Series

The Britt Technology Impact Series (BTIS) is a program of MBA-facing initiatives including panels and conferences, Tech@Tuck events, industry speakers and academic seminars focused on a yearly theme, illuminating the impact of a technology on individuals and enterprises. At the end of each year, the Center produces an overview to summarize learning from the various events and providing students with tangible perspectives on the relevant business and technology issues.

This program is made possible by a generous donation from Glenn Britt, Chairman, former President and CEO of Time Warner Cable. Mr. Britt was a graduate of Dartmouth College and Tuck School of Business.

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