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Cyber Resolve: Seminars for Boards and Executives

CyberVista understands that today’s leaders are tasked with protecting their company from all types of risk. Cybersecurity risk is one such risk and shouldn’t be relegating to the IT department. Corporate leaders and board members must have the expertise to ask and understand cybersecurity questions to lead their organizations toward a sturdy, resilient posture.

Cyber Resolve New York is designed to empower directors and executives to make cybersecurity-related decisions for their organizations by detailing actionable steps that promote cyber resiliency. Unlike others, this program was built with leaders’ priorities and perspectives in mind. This dynamic workshop uses a cyber governance framework to help senior leadership assess cyber risk, monitor the effectiveness of cyber-related controls, and react to crises when they occur.

Professor Hans Brechbühl will speak at this event on “Practice What They Breach” (A View from the Top).

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