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On January 10, Tech@Tuck examined how firms make decisions about what consumer data they collect and use to enhance their products or services. This event included both targeted information sessions and a panel discussion. The midday Information sessions included a variety of presentations featuring representatives from Anderson Analytics, The Customer Respect Group, Experian, and Save the Children.

The afternoon Panel Discussion explored the business case not only for using personal data in products and services, but also for working with consumers to manage their privacy. Panelists included:

Facebook — Chris Kelly, VP, Corporate Development & Chief Privacy Officer
Starwood Hotels — Amy Weinberg, VP, Customer Insight
Time Warner Cable — Craig Goldberg, Chief Privacy Officer
Yahoo! — Anke Audenaert, VP, Content Optimization

* Marianne Weems, artistic director of the Builders Association and Hopkins Center Artist-in-Residence, also joined the panel to discuss these issues as they relate to the identity play SUPER VISION.
* This Tech@Tuck supported the Dartmouth Centers Forum theme of Freedom and Technology.

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