Web 2.0: Shifting Business Boundaries Photo

On January 16, 2008, Tech@Tuck looked at the impact of Web 2.0-related phenomena—social networking sites, blogs, wikis—on business organizations and strategy.

What is Web 2.0? What often comes to mind are sites such as YouTube, del.icio.us, and Facebook. However, Web 2.0 is as much about transforming people, culture, and processes as it is about the technology.

The midday Hands-on Expo featured representatives from Avenue A | Razorfish, Etsy, Joost, KnowNow, Nellymoser, Newsgator, Octopz, Socialtext, and Swaptree.

The afternoon Panel Discussion explored how Web 2.0 will facilitate collaboration and innovation across traditional boundaries—blurring the lines between producer and consumer, and encouraging genuine overall engagement.

Panel Members:

  • BT Group — JP Rangaswami, Managing Director, BT Design
  • Edmunds.com — Sylvia Marino, Executive Director, Community Operations
  • Facebook — Chris Kelly, Chief Privacy Officer & Head of Global Public Policy
  • Second Life/Linden Lab — John Lester, Boston Operations Director
  • Wachovia — Pete Fields, eBusiness Director, eCommerce
  • Moderator: Philip Evans, Senior VP and Director, Boston Consulting Group  

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