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    Vincent L. Lacorte Case Series

    The center develops case studies that help students examine how digital strategies are changing the way firms compete. Our cases illustrate how these strategies can enable the supply chain, marketing, manufacturing, services, innovation and product development. As the cases in the catalog demonstrate, digital strategies are implemented in a veriety of industries including communications, manufacturing, retail, biotechnology and humanitarian relief. For order reprint information, please email us or call 603.646.0187. More ›

    Case Catalog (12K)

    Topics: Information Technology, Manufacturing, Marketing / Sales, Product Development, Services, Supply Chain, Technology Innovation

  • Visualization of Communication Patterns in Collaborative Innovation Networks

    Scott Dynes, Yan Zhoa, Peter Gloor, Rob Laubacher
    CDS Working Paper Series 2003-1

    Collaborative Innovation Networks (COINs) are groups of self-motivated individuals from various parts of an organization or from multiple organizations, empowered by the Internet, who work together on a new idea, driven by a common vision. In this paper we report first results of a project that examines innovation networks by analyzing the e-mail archives of some W3C (WWW consortium) working groups. These groups exhibit ideal characteristics for our purpose, as they form truly global networks working together over the Internet to develop next generation technologies. We first describe the software tools we developed to visualize the temporal communication flow, which represent communication patterns as directed acyclic graphs. We then show initial results, which revealed significant variations between the communication patterns and network structures of the different groups. We were also able to identify distinctive communication patterns among group leaders, both those who were officially appointed and other who were assuming unofficial coordinating roles.

    Paper in PDF Format (343K)

    Topics: Collaboration, Communications, Knowledge Management, Social, Technology Innovation

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