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  • TeCFlow - A Temporal Communication Flow Visualizer for Social Network Analysis

    Peter A. Gloor, MIT Center for Coordination Science, Yan Zhoa
    ACM CSCW Conference, 2004

    This paper introduces an approach for organizational redesign and optimization of communication flows basedon temporal analysis of communication patterns in groups of people. Our Temporal Communication Flow Visualizer automatically generates interactive movies of communication flows among individuals by mining email log files and other communication archives. Combining those movies with measures of social network analysis such as the change over time in group between centrality (GBC) and group density leads to deep insights into organizational dynamics. In addition we have defined a contribution index, which measures the activity of an individual as a sender and receiver of messages relative to a team. Based on these findings we can make predictions on the productivity of teams and suggest interventions for improved performance.  

    Paper in PDF Format (99K)

    Topics: Change, Communications, Information Technology, Organizational, Performance, Social

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