Academic Publications: Operations

  • A Field Study of Extended Enterprise Security

    Scott Dynes

    M. Eric Johnson
    Proceedings of the Third CABIT, 2005

    We find that many managers believe: that information security is less a competitive advantage than a qualifier for doing business; that firms’ internal networks are not at additional risk as a result of using the information infrastructure to integrate their supply chains; and that their supply chains are robust to internet outages of up to a week in duration. We discuss their security perceptions and actions in the context of a cost model.

    In PDF Format (20K)

    Topics: Extended Enterprise, Information Security & Risk, Operations, Process Management

  • Postponement Strategies for Channel Derivatives

    Emily Anderson

    M. Eric Johnson
    International Journal of Logistics Management, 11, 2000

    The value of postponing product differentiation until final distribution for manufacturers who market a family of product derivatives through multiple channels is examined. A model is developed of a supply chain that distributes many short-lived products through different channels. Using the model, we find the postponement is particularly valuable for managing short-life products. Postponement increases distribution service levels while reducing costs and order fulfillment risk. Postponement is particularly valuable when there are many derivative products and forecast error is high. Trade-off curves are presented, that allow managers to evaluate the benefits of investing in postponement strategies.

    Paper in PDF Format (89K)

    Topics: Manufacturing, Operations, Strategy

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