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  • A Morphology of the Organisation of Data Governance Photo

    A Morphology of the Organisation of Data Governance

    Boris Otto
    Proceedings of the 19th European Conference on Information Systems

    ABSTRACT: Both information systems (IS) researchers and practitioners consider data governance as a promising approach for companies to improve and maintain the quality of corporate data, which is seen as critical for being able to meet strategic business requirements, such as compliance or integrated customer management. Both sides agree that data governance primarily is a matter of organisation. However, hardly any scientific results have been produced so far indicating what actually has to be organised by data governance, and what data governance may look like. The paper aims at closing this gap by developing a morphology of data governance organisation on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of the state of the art both in science and in practice. Epistemologically, the morphology represents an analytic theory, as it serves for structuring the research topic of data governance, which is still quite unexplored. Six mini case studies are used to evaluate the morphology by means of empirical data. Providing a foundation for further research, the morphology contributes to the advancement of the scientific body of knowledge. At the same time, it is beneficial to practitioners, as companies may use it as a guideline when organising data governance.

    Topics: Big Data / Analytics, Governance, Organizational Structure

  • Embedding Information Security into the Organization

    M. Eric Johnson, Eric Goetz
    Security & Privacy Magazine, IEEE, Vol. 5, Issue 3, May-June 2007

    Risk and business have always been inseparable, but new information security risks pose unknown challenges. How should firms organize and manage to improve enterprise security? In this article, the authors address how chief information security officers (CISOs) are working to build secure organizations. 

    in PDF Format (517K)

    Topics: Information Security & Risk, Organizational Structure

  • The Gamble of Open Organizing

    Quintus Jett

    CDS Working Paper Series 2004-1

    Recognized today as a viable and highly effective form of developing software products, "open source” refers to the volunteer efforts of a vast, open community of individuals who are contributing, without formal administration, to a demanding public-interest project. We examine the grassroots campaign of presidential candidate Howard Dean to evaluate how open-source ideas can be transferred into an arena outside the software development context. We explain how “open source” organizing in the Dean campaign is inherently a gamble as we look at how and why it works, its payoff, and its internal risks.

    Overview in PDF Format (152K)

    Topics: Open Source, Organizational Structure

  • TeCFlow - A Temporal Communication Flow Visualizer for Social Network Analysis

    Peter A. Gloor, MIT Center for Coordination Science, Yan Zhoa
    ACM CSCW Conference, 2004

    This paper introduces an approach for organizational redesign and optimization of communication flows basedon temporal analysis of communication patterns in groups of people. Our Temporal Communication Flow Visualizer automatically generates interactive movies of communication flows among individuals by mining email log files and other communication archives. Combining those movies with measures of social network analysis such as the change over time in group between centrality (GBC) and group density leads to deep insights into organizational dynamics. In addition we have defined a contribution index, which measures the activity of an individual as a sender and receiver of messages relative to a team. Based on these findings we can make predictions on the productivity of teams and suggest interventions for improved performance.  

    Paper in PDF Format (99K)

    Topics: Change, Communications, Information Technology, Organizational Structure, Performance, Social

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