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  • Norwegian Cruise Line Photo

    Norwegian Cruise Line

    David P. Sibley T'13, M. Eric Johnson
    Length: 20 pages
    Publication date: 2013
    Case#: 6-0037

    After five years of profitable growth, Kevin Sheehan, CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line, rang the NASDAQ bell on Norwegian's first day of trading. Under Sheehan's leadership, Norwegian had experienced a dramatic turnaround, largely due to his efforts to help the organization deliver on the promise of Freestyle. Allowing guests the freedom to choose between many different dining and entertainment venues, Freestyle was an industry first and an immense operational challenge. When first introduced, the execution of the game-changing strategy failed with guests waiting in long-lines for poor quality food. A veteran of private equity turnarounds, Sheehan systematically integrated technology and process improvement to build an organization that could deliver Freestyle cruising. This case allows students to explore the challenges of aligning marketing and operations strategies and the competitive advantage that can be achieved through such integration.

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    Topics: Marketing / Sales, Operations, Strategy

    Industry: Transporation

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  • XOJET Photo


    Jordan S. Esten T’12, M. Eric Johnson, Joseph M. Hall
    Length: 17 Pages
    Publication date: 2013
    Case#: 6-0036

    Blair LaCorte T90 glanced out the window as his Virgin American flight approached San Francisco International Airport, and thought about the challenges facing XOJET and the private aviation industry as a whole. With demand up 50% YOY they needed every jet they owned. It was October, 2011, and LaCorte had been CEO of XOJET for two years, during which time his team had grappled with difficulties both short and long term that faced the private aviation industry. Their analysis had determined that the industry wasn’t just in a cyclical downturn, but faced structural challenges that would require XOJET to alter its strategy.

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    Topics: Operations, Strategy

    Industry: Transporation

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  • Sotera Wireless Photo

    Sotera Wireless

    Johnny Kaye T'12, Ron Adner, M. Eric Johnson
    Length: 19 Pages
    Publication date: 2012
    Case#: 6-0035

    ViSi Mobile’s potential for value creation was clear to many and the complete system was now ready for sale.  But success would require cooperation, investment, and operational changes across a range of actors in the healthcare ecosystem.  Development was successfully completed.  The challenge now was to develop a deployment strategy that would safeguard long-term success in the market.

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    Topics: Mobile, Operations, Strategy

    Industry: Communications

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  • Microsoft’s Xbox Gamble Photo

    Microsoft’s Xbox Gamble

    John Greco T'02, under the supervision of Visiting Professor Melissa M. Appleyard
    Length: 24 pages
    Publication date: 2002
    Case#: 6-0011

    In 2001, Microsoft released its first Xbox console, going head to head with the latest from Nintendo and Sony. Would the market accept the new platform that offered higher performance, but at a higher price than the competition? Could the market support three players? How would the gaming market evolve over time, and would it accommodate a broader strategy that extended beyond video games? 

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    Topics: Strategy, Technology Innovation

    Industry: Toys/Video Games

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