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Technology and Society

Members of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on the Future of Software & Society come together to discuss the how the next generation of enterprise and personal digital eco-systems will evolve, define the key drivers and issues and prioritise those which require greater understanding, action or global collaboration. More ›

Information Security

2008-12: Information security is increasingly a core concern for both large organizations and consumers. Through field studies, analytic models, and workshops aimed at exploring this issue, the center seeks to develop new approaches to manage information risk. More ›

Healthcare IT

2009-12: Improved healthcare information systems are largely viewed as the single most important factor in improving US healthcare and reducing related costs. The center is exploring IT usage in the healthcare sector, links between IT usage and care quality, and the security issues of protecting sensitive medical records. More ›

Social Shopping

2011: Center fellows examine the growth strategies and technologies of social shopping. More ›

Top Tech Toys

2006-12: Tuck MBA students and Dean Johnson tested a selection of new toys every year and determine their top tech toy picks. The light-hearted research coincided with a very serious "Toys For Tots" drive benefiting kids in the Upper Valley. More ›

Technology and Trust

2007: Trust in business relationships is critical for extended enterprises to function competitively. The center conducted research on how information sharing can influence trust in business relationships, and how technology can be an enabler of trust by creating transparency between organizations. More ›

Humanitarian Response

2006: Humanitarian relief organizations face daunting challenges in coordinating response efforts. The unpredictability of disasters with the resulting human suffering make speed a primary objective. The center conducted research on what business principles could apply and how information technology could improve response to those in need. More ›

Collaborative Knowledge Networks

2005: Collaborative Knowledge Networks (CKN) are groups of self-motivated individuals from various parts of an organization or from multiple organizations, empowered by the internet, who work together, driven by a common vision and goals. This project represents a collaboration between the Center for Digital Strategies and the MIT Sloan Center for Coordination Science. More ›

Electronic Collaboration Study

2004: This was a joint project between the Institut for Wirtschaftsinformatik (Institute for Information Management) at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland and the Center for Digital Strategies. This project looked at the types of electronic collaboration within and between companies that succeed and why they do. This project studied European and US companies in the following industries: chemical, consumer goods, financial services, and pharmaceutical. More ›

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