Research Projects: Information Security

  • Bridging the Policy Gap for Trust Evidence

    This project studies organizational and business aspects in Information Security Management in general and in Policy Engineering and Trust Evidence in particular. In doing so, the project addresses the gap of policy engineering being rather technology-driven today. In collaboration with Dartmouth Computer Science. More ›

  • Data Hemorrhages and Medical Identity Theft

    Confidential data hemorrhaging from health-care providers pose financial risks to firms and medical risks to patients. In this project, we are examining the consequences of data hemorrhages including privacy violations, medical fraud, financial identity theft, and medical identity theft. We also exploring the types and sources of data hemorrhages (supported by NSF and I3P). More ›

  • World Bank Project

    Supported by the World Bank The center has helped create a resource for countries that wish to begin or enhance the level of information security at all levels: national, organizational, and individual. The resource developed information on security as arising from actions taken by many actors at all levels, detailing the technical, organizational and policy challenges and offering processes to meet these challenges. More ›

  • Information Security Field Study

    Supported in part by the Department of Homeland Security, through I3P How are the information security risks identified? How do firms make investments in information security? Are firms exposed to risks as a result of using electronic means to integrate with their extended enterprise? The center has commenced a field study to examine these issues through a series of interviews at large companies and a few of their critical suppliers. More ›

  • Adoption of Risk Measures

    Supported in part by the Department of Homeland Security, through I3P In this project, we examined market adoption of risk evaluation mechanisms. Through corporate interactions and analysis of historical adoption of similar risk measures in the financial sector, we developed economic models of the risk measurement marketplace. More ›

  • Information Governance and Risk Photo

    Information Governance and Risk

    Supported in part by NIST and the Department of Homeland Security, through ISTS. As part of the IRIDOE project, we are examining how information access in the healthcare setting leads to security and privacy risks. Using game-theoretic models and simulation we are developing new information governance models based on incentives and controls. More ›

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