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January 13th, 2017

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Tech Bytes

World Economic Forum Points to IoT and AI Threats for 2017 – The World Economic Forum released its annual Global Risks report this week. Two significant threats outline in the report build off the series of DDoS attacks this year resulting from IoT botnet armies, are related to the IoT and artificial intelligence. In addition to the report below, CDS Executive Director, Hans Brechbühl, serves on the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Future of Software & Society. Read more about his work with the WEF and the resulting report he helped produce.

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Facebook Attempts to Mend Fences with the Media Industry – The social network had a rocky year in its relationship with the media. From widespread fake news to perceived bias in its algorithms to its continuing impact on the dissemination of news, Facebook is a lightning rod for many in the news media. As 2017 kicks off, the company is attempting to build a better relationship with news media by offering a host of news-friendly features, including trial subscriptions to pay walled sites. The new venture is called the Facebook Journalism Project.

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U.S. Says Farewell to the First Social Media President – In 2008, then Senator Obama made savvy use of technology to win the White House. Last night, the President who presided over the greatest period of technological change in U.S. history bid the country farewell. Fittingly, the event was livestreamed, Tweeted and digitally transmitted. Over the last eight years, technology has been a constant theme in the Obama administration. From the fiasco to Net Neutrality to record growth of the technology sector and intelligence leaks made by Edward Snowden, there have been many ups and downs. But just what will Obama’s technology legacy be? The MIT Tech Review has a great piece on the Obama Years, but the pace of technological change won’t be hard to quantify for several years. One thing is clear, however, President Obama was the first social media President.

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In Just a Decade, the iPhone Transformed the World  – A decade ago this week, Steve Jobs unveiled his latest product – the iPhone. The device ushered in the smartphone era and is still the gold standard for the sector. Looking back, it’s hard to overstate the importance of the iPhone. It’s so critical, the BBC listed it as one of its 50 Things that Made the Modern Economy, alongside inventions such as the barcode, lightbulb and the diesel engine. That’s how transformative the last decade has been. As we look ahead to the next decade, how will technology continue to drive business? The last decade has seen the rise of mobile banking, the sharing economy, streaming audio and video, global social networks and chat platforms. It’s made Facebook and Google some of the wealthiest companies on the planet, and Apple THE wealthiest company the world has ever seen. It’s changed the way we interact with people, brands, leaders and even the analog “things” in our lives. But perhaps the most revealing impact is that we can’t imagine the global economy without smartphones. It just doesn’t work without them today. That’s quite the decade!

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