Tech Bytes to Know this Week: 6.3.2016

June 2nd, 2016

Topics: AI & Machine Learning Culture eCommerce P2P / Sharing Economy Platforms Risk Management

Mary Meeker Releases Annual Internet Trends Presentation at Code Conference – In the most anticipated slideshow of the year (each year), Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker presented her state of the internet report to the audience at this week’s Code Conference. Some highlights:

  • Internet Penetration is at ~3 billion users (42%) and growth is still strong (9% globally) but slowing substantially (flat from 2015)
  • Asia is now the dominant market for smartphone usage (52% of all smartphone users)
  • Messaging Platforms continue to grow and evolve and could replace your phone’s home screen as the primary gateway to the internet
  • Carpooling and ridesharing is eating the auto industry: UberPOOL now accounts for 20% of all Uber rides worldwide)

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AI Continues to Be Hot Topic in Silicon Valley – Whenever Elon Musk talks about the future, people listen. His time at this year’s Code Conference was no exception, with Musk opening up on the new Tesla Model 3, SpaceX, the Hyperloop, and theoretical nanotechnology called a neural lace. But perhaps his most important comments were reserved for artificial intelligence. On the same day Facebook asserted its new AI (DeepText) is on par with humans at understanding context, Musk explained the importance of OpenAI and the need to have broadly distributed and democratized AI power to avoid too much control in the hands of the very few.

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Salesforce Looks to Become Ecommerce Power – Salesforce dropped an eye-opening $2.8 billion this week to purchase ecommerce firm Demandware. The deal was seen as critical for Salesforce as it looks to build out adjacent functionality compatible with its industry-leading CRM software. The acquisition adds to a long list of ecommerce and retail software purchases by the big players in enterprise players (Salesforce, Oracle and SAP) over the last few years.

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Civil Suits Against Senders of Text Messages Raising Eyebrows  – A series of recent civil lawsuits surrounding texting and driving are causing a stir because the targets of those lawsuits are not the drivers who caused crashes while texting, but the sender of text messages to those drivers. In several cases the claims have been rejected, but there are cases which are moving forward, including a case in Pennsylvania.

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Featured CXOTalk video of the week: Episode 71: Patty Hatter, SVP Operations & CIO, McAfee

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