Tech Bytes to Know this Week: 9.15.2016

September 15th, 2016

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The Samsung Battery Issue Demonstrates Why Hardware is Still Important – The Samsung issues with its Galaxy Note 7 phones bursting into flames due to a battery issue show how difficult it is to fix hardware problems when they arise. Samsung has been slow to respond to the crisis, but is now rolling out a software patch in South Korea that would cap the battery charging capabilities at 60% until the company can recall the millions of phones already sold. In the age of software, the hardware is still important and can have severely damaging effects on your customer base. What’s particularly difficult for Samsung is that it’s a hardware company, not a software company (a characterization it’s rapidly trying to change). It not only makes its own phones, but components for other manufacturers (including Apple). It also has a long history of making all sorts of appliances and televisions, so quality control of hardware should be a strength. In time we’ll understand what went wrong at Samsung (and if the issues might impact their B2B customers), but it’s clear that hardware is still pretty important.
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Instagram Taking Steps to Filter Trolls – Instagram has introduced a software tool that automatically filters comments that contains language previously reported as abusive in nature. The new feature has been tested by several high-profile victims of comment trolls, including Taylor Swift. The move is part of a broader effort by Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, to protect users and censor content, which has come under significant fire and even referred to as “The World’s Most Powerful Editor” by the largest newspaper in Norway for its removal of a famous picture from the Vietnam War.
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Ad Tracking on Children’s Websites Earns Viacom, Hasbro Fines – The NY Attorney General’s Office released details of a settlement with several companies, including Viacom and Hasbro, over their illegal use of tracking software on children’s websites. Legally, sites deemed as primarily for children are not allowed to use tracking software for reasons of protection and privacy of minors.
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The Robots are Coming for American Jobs – Ok, not all of them, but Forrester Research estimates that robotics and AI will eat 6% of American jobs in the next five years. When you think about the types of jobs AI will replace, think about self-driving cars and other transportation systems that will be fully automated, as well as customer service representatives that will find chat bots answering the questions of customers. The questions that remain are, what will the displaced workers do in the future and how should we prepare for the loss of such a huge number of jobs?
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Featured CXOTalk Video of the Week: Episode 189: Building a Digital Brand with Sharon Feder, Chief Digital Officer, Rachael Ray

Building a brand requires special expertise and a deep understanding of the audience. On this episode, we talk with Sharon Feder, Chief Digital Officer for Watch Entertainment, the parent company for the businesses of television personality Rachael Ray.
In her role as CDO, Sharon works across the company’s core media, consumer product and philanthropic initiatives to build new digital opportunities and experiences for the brand and its very loyal fan base.


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