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Center Executive Director, Hans Brechbühl quoted on data and security

August 2017

Legendary Entertainment – Film Making in the Age of Analytics

Legendary Entertainment – Film Making in the Age of Analytics Faculty Director, Alva Taylor teaches two exciting elective courses in the MBA cur...

Recommendations for Enterprises

Business model changes enabled by technology are causing disruption across all sectors of the global economy. Established businesses must recognize th...

Roundtable on Digital Strategies | Tuck School of Business Center for Digital Strategies
What It Means To Be a Digital Enterprise

Hans Brechbühl, Executive Director & Adjunct Associate Professor

Organizations are asked to embrace digital change every day. What is it that corporations are really trying to address and why? Two of the chief insig...

The Digital Enterprise and Changing Business Models

Key Insights Discussed in this Article: The core objective of the digital enterprise is to empower individuals (or groups) to make better decisions fa...

Digital Revolution Overview
The Digital (R)Evolution: Transforming Business Models

The 2015-16 Britt Technology Impact Series (BTIS) explored the challenges and opportunities driven by digital technologies in a series focused on the ...

Tech Bytes
Tech Bytes: 05.03.2017

Patrick Wheeler, Assistant Director

AI and Automation Are Coming for White Collar Workers, Too – The traditional focus on technology eating jobs has been one of blue collar workers lo...

Social Impact: Wearables for Good

Sonia Faciszewski, Communication & Marketing Manager

When one hears the term “wearables” we often think of Fitbit, or perhaps Apple Watch.  However, this terms is much broader than health, fashion a...

Healthcare IT | Charles Lebo
A conversation with Charles Lebo of Kindred Healthcare

Charles Lebo, VP and CISO of Kindred Healthcare, discusses the information security challenges of big data with M. Eric Johnson, Dean of Vanderbilt Un...

Hans Brechbuhl | 10 Organizational Cybersecurity Imperatives
10 Organizational Cybersecurity Imperatives

by Hans Brechbühl In recent years, the Center for Digital Strategies has been fortunate to observe and interact with the efforts of a number of large...

Tech Bytes
Tech Bytes: 03.23.2017

Patrick Wheeler, Program Manager

Facebook Moving Past Infrastructure Gatekeepers – It’s no secret that Facebook and other tech companies focused on content are limited by ISPs and...

Digital Customer Experience at Fidelity Investments

Amanda Lynch Hegge T’10, spoke as a part of the CDS’s Britt Technology Impact Series focused on the digital customer. In this talk, she to...


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