Topic: Consumerization of IT

Entertainment, Sports & Media Symposium

On April 4-5, Tuck held its 5th annual Entertainment, Sports & Media Symposium. This year’s symposium focused on what media business models will...

Tech@Tuck Panel Talks Big Brands and Big Data

Tuck News / February 2013

Ten Tech Trends That Will Change IT in 2013

Baseline / December 2012

CDS Tech Lunch with Mike LaJoie, EVP & CTO, Time Warner Cable

Mike LaJoie spoke about what emerging technologies—social and otherwise—allow cable service providers to more thinly slice what had been the broad...

Broadband TV: Emerging Markets

Professor Eric Johnson hosted a discussion with two leaders in Broadband TV, Jed Simmons and Robert Quicksilver to discuss business strategy in this e...


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