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Roger Lynch T’96, CDS Alumni Advisor and Pandora CEO, Discusses New Direct Play Selection Feature

December 2017

Using Data to Create & Maintain the Starbucks Experience

With over 25,000 stores across the globe, Starbucks delivers a unique, yet consistent standard of excellence 85 million times each week. The operation...

Snap Inc’s Future


, Marketing and Research Intern

Snap Inc is the parent company of the Snapchat, a social media image messaging mobile application. Snap Inc went public on the New York Stock Exchange...

Automated Vehicles and Moral Ambiguity | You Should Listen To This

Oliver J. Engelhart, Marketing and Research Intern

What technology has had the largest effect on society in the last 10 years? Why did it have such an effect? Was its impact positive or negative? And h...

Center Co-Founder Speaks on Today’s Smartphone Addiction

October 2017

How HubSpot Uses Automation to Help Humanize Sales and Marketing

Many SMBs grow their businesses by acquiring more customers and diversifying their product and service offerings. Unfortunately, it’s challenging fo...

Data-Driven Digital Transformation with CEO and Co-Founder of Rocana, Omer Trajman

Omer Trajman is a proponent of total operational visibility as the cornerstone of digital transformation, inspiring CIOs to realize new ways of delive...

India’s Cashless Economy and Digital Transformation | You Should Listen To This

Oliver Engelhart, Marketing and Research Intern

What would happen to our society if tomorrow, 90% of banknotes were pulled and rendered defunct? What would cause this sudden shift? What new challeng...

Enhancing Live Events Through Digital Customers Engagement

In this Britt Technology Impact Series session, Kurt Schneider, former Harlem Globetrotters CEO and WWE SVP of Marketing discussed the best practices ...

McNamee T’82 Tells Us Facebook and Google Thrive off Emotions

September 2017

Google’s Revamped App Wants to Be Like Facebook | You Should Listen To This

Aditya Srivastava, Marketing and Research Intern

In this episode of Talking Tech by USA Today, Jefferson Graham explores the Google app’s new update. The update brings weather reports and cards at ...

Center Co-Founder, Roger McNamee regrets investing in Facebook and Google

August 2017


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