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Apps and Software: The Driving Forces of Business Model Transformation

September 21, 2015 • Tuck School of Business

jeffery-hammonTechnology, and more specifically software, is transforming whole sectors of the economy. As technology and software continue to invade new industries, new business models are emerging that threaten existing ways of doing business. Sometimes, established companies develop new products and services and expand. Other times, entirely new companies displace existing leaders. The only thing certain in the new technology-driven economy is change. Will companies adapt and survive? Or will they fail to stay ahead of and risk a revolution in their industry?

Jeffrey Hammond of Forrester Research explored this new software-driven world.

Jeffrey S. Hammond
VP, Principal Analyst Serving Application Development and Delivery Professionals
Forrester Research

Jeffrey is a software development veteran, with more than twenty years of experience in various development, product management, strategy, and marketing roles. He is a leading expert on mobile development, modern application architecture, application life-cycle management, and open source policies and projects. He helps Application Development & Delivery teams improve their productivity while building creative, high-performance cultures.

Jeffrey has been with Forrester since 2006. Jeffrey joined Forrester from IBM’s Rational unit, where he created award-winning application development tools. Prior to joining Rational Software, Jeffrey was part of Accenture’s Advanced Systems Group, where he led application development projects at Fortune 500 clients.

Jeffrey holds a B.S. in economics (finance) from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Justin Holzwarth T’16 and Forrester Research’s Jeffrey S. Hammond

Justin sits down with Forrester Research’s VP and Principal Analyst Serving Application Development and Delivery Professionals, Jeffrey S. Hammond, to discuss software’s effect on business models.

  • Jeffery explains how Forrester believes we are now in the Age of the Customer.

  • Briefly, we've gone from the age of manufacturing to the distribution age to the information age. Now, it's the Age of the Customer.

  • Center MBA Fellow, Justin Holzwarth, poses a question to Jeffrey.

  • The full room enjoyed the talk.

  • A rather startling survey.

  • Professors Taylor and Kahl listen closely.

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