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Authentic Marketing: Strategically Connecting with Today’s Customer Amid a Crisis

What does it mean to be an authentic marketer? In a time where every company seems to have a splashy collection of some variation of “Mission, Vision, and Values” peppered throughout their marketing collateral, how do companies rise above the noise to strike a truly authentic tone with their core constituencies?

On Monday, May 11, the Center for Digital Strategies at Tuck invites you to join us as we welcome Racepoint Global Chairman and CEO, Larry Weber.

Larry will discuss how every company in every industry needs to have a corporate purpose in order to attract today’s audiences and deliver long-term, sustainable value. This is today’s business imperative and clarion call. Companies that embrace this approach and live their purpose will deliver a more authentic form of marketing, as meaningful narratives around their purpose will naturally appeal to the values of their core audiences. During these difficult and unprecedented times, it’s critical for companies to learn how they can stand out and make a difference in the world.

Larry Weber is a globally known expert of public relations and marketing services who founded multiple successful public relations and interactive marketing agencies, authored six forward-thinking marketing books, and co-founded the largest interactive advocacy organization in the world.

A pioneer of early digital technology, Larry was the first PR executive to understand the grand scale at which the internet could transform the business community. Working directly with Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the modern internet, Larry and his team were responsible for the first marketing campaign that brought the world wide web to the masses.

Larry’s view of Authentic Marketing is informed from decades of PR and marketing work with some of the world’s largest brands, including AT&T, Boston Scientific, Coca-Cola, General Electric, General Motors, Huawei, IBM, John Deere, Kaiser Permanente, Microsoft, Parametric Technologies, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Panasonic, SAP, and Verizon Wireless. He has served as a senior advisor to governments including the Kingdom of Jordan and the Republic of Rwanda.

Author of six business and marketing books, his latest release Authentic Marketing: How to Capture Hearts and Minds through the Power of Purpose posits that today, all companies need to find their moral purpose and infuse this mission into their core business strategy.

About Racepoint Global: Racepoint Global is an independent communications agency specializing in driving conversations that matter for innovative brands. Founded by renowned public relations and marketing thought-leader Larry Weber, companies partner with Racepoint for its strategic, earned-first approach to building brands and reputation.

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