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Cloud Computing and the Future of Social Media

October 14, 2010 • Tuck Campus

Cloud Computing and the Future of Social Media PhotoMark Dickey, SVP, Foundation

Members of the audience at this panel were presented with information on Salesforce’s new social tool, Chatter. Mark Dickey, SVP at Foundation, commented that the CEO of Salesforce, Mark Benioff, states he knows more about his 5,000 employees now thanks to the power of social than he did when his company was 10 people working in the same room together. This statement alone illustrates the reach and strength of social technology  and what its impact on business culture can be today.

The full room enjoyed interacting with social tools via an iPad. They were also invited to ask questions about cloud computing and social media.

About Mark Dickey
Mark and his team are responsible for empowering NGO and higher education customers in their use of the platform to achieve their core mission more effectively. These efforts aligned with the Power of Us Partner program are responsible for customer success and ensuring that each and every customer gets maximum value from our solutions. Having worked in high tech for over twenty-five years with companies such as Polycom, NetApp, Cisco as well as multiple startups, Mark has built a track record of success in setting strategic direction, exceeding sales targets and building global partnerships. In joining the Foundation, Mark sees an incredibly unique opportunity to blend his passion for philanthropy and his professional skills. Mark is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley with a BA in Economics and an MBA in Marketing from Santa Clara University.

About Foundation 
The Foundation is based on a simple idea: Donate 1% of’s resources to support organizations that are working to make our world a better place. Our unique model was designed to grow along with The ultimate goal: to disseminate the financial, technological and intellectual wealth of the organization to those in our communities who need it most. That’s the Power of Us. The Foundation was officially launched at an event featuring former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, less than a year after the company’s formation. More than ten years later, integrated philanthropy remains one of’s core values. Our success has proven that weaving philanthropy into the fabric of a company right from the start—rather than waiting for a certain level of comfortable success—is an approach that works. 1% time, 1% product,1% equity – we call our integrated philanthropic approach the 1/1/1 model. It’s all about getting the most bang for the buck. We take a small fraction of’s time, product and equity and use it to make a huge impact in the world.

Interview with Mark Dickey, SVP at Foundation

Elissa Kline T’11 sits down with Mark Dickey to discuss the cloud and the future of social. Part 2 of this insightful interview is available on our YouTube Channel.

Glenn Britt T’72, Chairman, President and CEO of Time Warner Cable

Listen to Glenn explain why he chose to support the Britt Technology Impact Series.

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