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DOT.COMA: The Digital Downside to Knowing Your Customer

October 10, 2013 • Tuck School of Business

DOT.COMA: The Digital Downside to Knowing Your Customer Photo
Consumer data is one of the most talked about, yet least understood, concepts in business today. In this conversation with Chris Briggs, vice president of marketing and business development at Buxton, we defined exactly what consumer data is, how it’s actually being used by retailers today, and the challenges companies face in maximizing the full potential of consumer data for the future.

Chris Briggs
Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Buxton

As Buxton’s vice president of marketing and business development, Chris oversees marketing and business intelligence efforts and gives direction on the company’s overall growth strategy. Previously, he led Buxton’s operations division, overseeing all research and technology initiatives.  Additionally, he has held senior GIS analyst positions in the public sector, retail and healthcare divisions.

Chris graduated from the University of North Texas. He was named the UNT College of Arts and Sciences Alumni of the Year in 2007, and he was recognized as the UNT Geography Outstanding Alumni for 2007.

About Buxton
Tom Buxton founded the company on the premise that any retailer could achieve greater success by understanding who their customer was, plain and simple. He knew then that accurate customer data and intense analysis could play a key role in business success. In 1994, using seed money from his own pocket, he left his two-decade career at consumer electronics giant Tandy/RadioShack and started his own company — Buxton — and set out to prove his methodology.

Within a year, top retail brands were using Buxton data for site selection. The company’s vast data resources, combined with proprietary technologies, made it the leader in site selection for both retail and restaurants.

Interview with MBA Fellow

Adam Kramer T’14 asks Chris specific questions about the data explosion around the connected consumer.

Chris’ Presentation

Hear Chris discuss smart devices and the data they are producing.

  • Hans introduces Chris to the full room.

  • Jessica takes note; Starbucks was mentioned and she just discussed the company with her the other CDS fellows the day before.

  • Chris gives an overview of the connected tech which is generating the noise of data.

  • Professor Taylor, MBA fellows and other Tuck students listen closely.

  • Privacy was discussed ... and the irony of those who complain the loudest about breaches are often the very same people who share their information most freely.

  • Students were prepared with multiple questions for Chris.

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