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Moving Past Technology: Design & the Customer Experience

March 29, 2016 • Tuck School of Business

Moving Past Technology: Design & the Customer Experience Photo

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016
Cohosted by the Tuck Design Thinking Club

Digital technology has enabled innovations that have a huge impact on business. But is technology alone all that is needed to be disruptive? The importance of design is now central to digital transformation. It is the application of design thinking that allows digital technology to enable meaningful and transformative customer experiences that disrupt existing businesses.

As the Vice President of Technology Strategy at frog, Patrick Kalaher works with companies on strategic product development. Once heralded as a human-centered design firm that helped companies like Apple, Dell, Sony and others thrive in the digital age, frog now focuses on large-scale UX and convergent collaborations with organizations like Microsoft and Disney to create new software applications, mobile products and connected experiences that blur the lines between physical and digital and shape an era of ubiquitous computing.

Patrick discussed the role of design thinking in the age of digital transformation and how user experience is critical to the success of the digital enterprise.  Watch the video or view his presentation deck.


Patrick Kalaher D’91, is Vice President, Technology Strategy at frog. For more than ten years, Patrick has consulted for leading high-tech, telecom, utility, and pharmaceutical firms, driving transformation and strategic product development from the executive suite down to line of business and operations. He is a systems architect by training, with over 19 years of experience in cloud computing, enterprise-wide SOA, and large-scale, internet, and M2M architecture. Patrick has an extensive background in product ideation, product strategy, and implementation across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Annie Hsu T’11, Director, Strategy, frog


Annie Hsu T’11 was highlighted in a Tuck News Alumni profile feature.

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