Hulu, To Be Or Not To Be

Topics: Operations Organizational Structure Social

Rama Oruganti T'09, Alva H. Taylor
Length: 24 pages
Publication date: 2009
Case#: 6-0030

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Los Angeles-based had finished 2008 with impressive growth in both viewership and market visibility. The video portal startup, established in 2007 with the backing of NBC Universal and News Corp., had 227 million video views and had become the sixth most-visited online video web site. Popular media had taken notice and prominently featured the company. Even the harshest Hulu skeptics, like Michael Arrington of the popular TechCrunch blog, acknowledged its success. But Jason Kilar, the CEO, was cautious about the future.

This case examines the explosive growth of Internet TV and potential for significant change in a well established industry.

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