Changing Places and Engaging Spaces

February 1st, 2012

January brought a great deal of changes to our team at the CDS. On the one hand, we’ve finally settled into our new office space. The original Tuck library is now transformed into nine offices, a Fellows’ lounge and a conference room complete with a Samsung Smart TV, iPad2, Apple TV and a Skype-integrated camera. In the video below, we invite you to experience our new collaborative meeting space.
On the other hand, we had to say goodbye for now to Boris Otto, our visiting research fellow from Germany, (and SAP!) I already miss his gracious, “Good morning Kelli” and “See you tomorrow Kelli” that I received every day for more than a year. Boris is off to the University of St. Gallen to continue his research on corporate data management and we look forward to crossing paths with him again during CISO workshops or CIO roundtables.
I really must thank Boris because his legacy at the CDS goes beyond cheerful greetings or his vast knowledge of big data and enterprise software — Boris’ suggestion that we offer espresso and install a bistro nook was taken to heart by Hans and the team. We purchased a DeLonghi Nespresso machine and may now offer guests a delicious, rich, frothy beverage when they visit.
I feel very lucky every day when I come to work. Not just because of the heritage, accomplishment and prestige that exhudes from these halls of learning nor the new office space which feels like a home away from home.
I feel lucky because of the truly amazing and gifted people I have somehow become fortunate enough to rub elbows with everyday.
Mostly, I’m lucky to miss saying good morning to Boris.

Boris sent us this pic from St. Gallen!
Boris Otto, Research Fellow, Center for Digital Strategies

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