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January 24th, 2018

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Tuck School’s Center for Digital Strategies takes part in several Executive Education programs offered throughout the year, and in a number of locations. The “Digital Excellence Program“, offered in partnership with Google, was first offered in June 2015 and is geared towards the Minority Entrepreneur. The goal of this program is to provide participants with the tools needed to bring their digital marketing and communication skills to the next level. Sessions vary in topic from Google Analytics, to AdWords, to business leadership skills.

The Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Peralta Design, Ramón Peralta, Jr., gave us a bit of time to talk about his Tuck experience, and the digital strategy impact of the program.

How does the use of digital technology or strategy help enhance your business?
Digital Technology and Strategy is a service we provide to our clients. We were approached by a Plastic Surgeon who was struggling with converting new clients using non-digital strategies (Direct Mail) and we designed, developed and executed a digital marketing strategy that combined a social media strategy with an HTML email campaign with consistent messaging and branding. The open rate exceeded industry standards and within a week a brand new client walked in holding the campaign on her smart phone. Needless to say, the client was very impressed and has been referring new clients to us ever since.

What was a key takeaway for you at the Digital Excellence Program that has helped your business?
It reinforced best practices for us. Additionally, I had never actually logged into my own company’s Google Analytics dashboard until that program. It helped me better understand who are visitors are and where they are coming from. This information is invaluable to anyone in your organization, particularly if you are in any way involved with sales and growth. This data is invaluable to understanding your audience and how you are representing yourself in the digital space.

If you have employees, are there any specific digital or tech policies that have helped create a positive internal culture for your team?
Having digital questionnaires on our website that potential leads can be pointed to is a great starting point for our sales funnel. Every member of the team can respond to an inquiry, consistently and quickly, with a link to our digital questionnaire. It empowers the entire team and boosts morale because we all can play a role in sales.

What has been one big surprise around the impact or influence of digital on your company?
Having a strong social media presence has helped us win new clients all around the country. Digital expands our territory because it has no borders. We love getting a “random” digital creative questionnaire submission come in from a new state that didn’t come from a referral – it means our digital strategy is working.

One awesome fact about you or your company.
I served as Senior Art Director on the original startup team behind

Executive Bio
Ramón E. Peralta, Jr.
Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Peralta Design

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